At Amazon Games we’re obsessed with delivering incredible experiences for our customers, and want to hear what players think of our games at every step of their development.

In December 2016, thousands of players joined an Alpha weekend to try Breakaway, a fast-action Team Battle Sport. Since then we’ve been hard at work updating the game based on the player feedback – from combat mechanics and character movement, to user interface and balance. A few weeks ago we invited more than 30 players and Twitch streamers to Amazon Game Studios Orange County to check out some of the changes, and tell us what they think.  

“I couldn't wait to get my hands on Breakaway again,” Phillip “FlipdUp” Booker said. “So far it seems that Amazon is really listening to the feedback they have received with the changes they are making to the game.”

Each player got to tell us what they loved, and what they’d like to see us do differently, as they played through in-development builds of the game. During the most intense moments, we could hear their shouts of excitement across the studio.

“There's nothing like a last second dash for a Relic score, or the chase of a potential team wipe, or that last second team fight over a territory win,” Paul “FullMetal372” Pelullo said. “The non-stop, strategic, and deliberate action. The fast-paced nature of playing the game. It all feels unique compared to the other games I've played. There's nothing that really hits the balance that Breakaway seems to bring to the table.”

It wasn’t all Relic dunks and team wipes—it was also a chance for some Breakaway community members to meet each other for the first time. Some of them knew each other by Twitch username or Discord handle, but putting a face to the screenname was a huge part of the event.

“The Breakaway community is tight knit, openly creative, and a healthy mix of friendly and competitive players,” said Kason “Kalo” Padilla. “I think the devs being right there with us as true community members, just as active in the chat servers every Throwdown Thursday on Twitch, and even just everyday conversation, has made a world of difference in the overall attitude of the community.”

After playing Breakaway at the event, Dani “MissDJM” Manansala said, “Being so in sync with Kalo, FullMetal and FlipdUp when playing our matches just felt so right. But even games we lost, I learned from them and loved every second.”

We got tons of feedback on the new changes, and lots of ideas for new ways to keep improving the game, and we’re grateful for the community members who made the trip and shared their thoughts. At the end of the day, players from the community told us they were excited to see that their feedback from December was heard, and that we’d implemented those changes for them to test.

“I'm blown away by Amazon Game Studios’ community involvement,” FlipdUp said. “I can't wait to see this community grow and what the future has in store for Breakaway.”

We can’t wait to share the latest version of Breakaway with the rest of you. Look for more info soon on when and how you can try it out for yourself.

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