What's Next for Breakaway

Hi everyone,

We wanted to take a moment to offer up a hearty THANK YOU to everyone in the community for participating in our Public Alpha.  We’ve been listening to your feedback, taking careful notes, and refining the game based on your input. Hopefully you’ve liked the changes you’ve seen so far. You’re playing a huge role in helping us deliver a great game.

In order to make some of the bigger changes you’ve told us you wanted, our final Public Alpha weekend will kick off September 28th, after which we will enter a new Closed Alpha phase of development. This will give us a chance to deliver more complex features, updates, and refinements that are important to you.

During this time we will still be looking for player feedback and suggestions, so we are excited to offer the community the opportunity to continue testing new features, builds and experiences in Closed Alpha Playtests. If you’re interested in continuing to play, hit us up at BreakawayAlpha@amazon.com. We will also continue to stream matches and share updates on changes we are making, so stay connected with us on our social channels, Twitch.tv and on our forums.

And for those of you who will be at TwitchCon this year, we will be hosting Breakaway a meet up to swap Breakaway war stories, swap strategies and chill with the team! If you are interested in attending, please email us at BreakawayEvents@amazon.com so we can follow up with details.

Thanks again for all of your support during our Public Alpha.  We’re excited to continue this journey with all of you!  Please join us on September 28th for our final Public Alpha weekend.


- The Breakaway Team

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