Ever since we debuted at TwitchCon, we’ve taken your feedback and incorporated what we could into Breakaway production. Here's a quick note on Alona's changes from Game Designer Greytrip: 

Alona’s Primary attack has gone through significant changes. The most significant change is that she now uses a reticule to aim instead of firing the direction she is facing. The projectile fires in a straight trajectory that no longer bounces. This change was to unite projectile characters into a uniform control scheme that wouldn’t need to be relearned when swapping ranged characters.

To read about this and other changes, check out his Patch Notes Deep Dive here

We want to make Breakaway the best game it can be, and we know we can do it with your help. Whether it has to do with balance, art, progression: any and all feedback is valuable to us.

How do you leave feedback? It’s simple: there are two different ways you can voice your opinion. If you played during the Alpha, you’ll get a survey email and you’ll be able to let us know your thoughts and opinions. You can continue those thoughts and start a conversation with us on our forums, and you can get there by clicking right here.

And we’re always looking for a good conversation outside of the forums, too. Structured, thought-out feedback should be directed to the forums. But if you have something that you need addressed quickly, just leave us a note on Twitter.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts, and we’ll see you in the arena.

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