Our official forums launched this week, and there’s already a handful of great discussion. Kalology gives an in-depth discussion on balance changes, Ixath suggests a feature where Twitch chat impacts gameplay and more. We appreciate the amount of detail and the variety of conversation so far. It’s encouraging for us to see the passion so earlier in the development process, so please keep the feedback coming!

To help answer questions and participate in the discussion, we’ll outline a few of the Amazon Game Studios Orange County developers that will be interacting with you on our forums, on reddit and social. They’ll always be open to constructive criticism and feedback, so if you have an opinion or suggestion, don’t hold back.

We’ll be expanding this list as further into the production process, but for now, here are some of the Breakaway team members that you’ll see in the forums.

Matt Priestley
Executive Producer
Alias: mpriest

David Verfaillie
Creative Director
Alias: Zin_Ramu

Ilja Rotelli
Head of Community and Esports
Alias: iljarotelli

Simon Loche
Art Director
Alias: Nocnoz

David Silverman
Head of Marketing
Alias: MrSil

Rich Bantegui
Community and Game Advisor
Alias: FilthieRich

FilthieRich has a forum post that introduces the above game team members, and he'll update the list as it grows. My first question to the devs: How do you pronounce "Verfaillie"?

Introduce yourself and let us know your thoughts on the game so far (and how you think you should pronounce Zin_Ramu's name) right here in the forums

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