To wrap up the week of Spartacus, we’re going to chat a little bit about strategy. Game Designer Chris Corey joins us to share a few of his key tips and tricks for Spartacus and walk us through the warrior's abilities. Bring it home, Chris.

On Strategy

When we think about crafting strategy for a warrior, sometimes it’s by design. We look for abilities that could potentially work in tandem with other abilities, so when those abilities are combined they are much more powerful. The Black Knight’s ultimate ability, Dark Call, pulls opponents towards him. Then your teammate uses Morgan Le Fay’s Circle of Spite, which increases damage dealt to opponents by 35%. Then you hit the enemy team with Anne Bonny’s Hull Buster, which deals a high amount of damage to enemies. With Spartacus, we designed him to be a pick-up-and-play warrior, so most of his abilities were designed to be effective without too much coordination.

Other times strategy is emergent. We never expected tanks to be good Relic runners because they are traditionally slow characters. However, in Breakaway, tanks happen to be the only class that can carry the Relic and do their job at the same time. If you’re a fighter or a shooter, your job is to do damage and you can’t do that while carrying the Relic. If you’re a healer like Alona, your job is to heal but you can’t do that while holding the Relic. If you’re a tank, however, your job is to disrupt and draw the attention of the enemy team and carrying the Relic is the best way to do that. If you’re running the Relic, the other team is forced to focus on you and if they don’t, you can just score. It’s an advantage that we didn’t originally consider when designing the class roles.

You Got the Touch…

So let’s talk about Spartacus. The key to succeeding with Spartacus is to focus on the right targets. New players tend to be over aggressive with him, but that leads to quick deaths. He’s like a lion, he’s really good at thinning out the herd and taking out warriors with less-than-average health. If you’re playing Spartacus and you get in a teamfight, you want to focus on those warriors. It’s usually the healer you want to target first, but if the opposing team’s shooters are whittling your team down, makes sense to go after them. Because of his mobility, he effectively neutralizes them by staying on them and not letting them escape.

To counter him, you want to reduce his mobility by stunning or slowing him. It gives your damage dealers an opportunity to take him out before he gets to them. He has to go behind enemy lines to engage squishy targets, meaning that he get past tanks like Thorgrim and Black Knight to engage those damage dealers. But if the enemy team focuses on him, Spartacus will drop. He doesn’t have the survivability of a tank, so if the opposing team gangs up on Spartacus, he won’t last long.

…You Got the Power

Finally, let’s touch on what exactly each of Spartacus’ abilities and Buildables do. I’ll walk you through the abilities and give you a few tips and tricks. You’ll be Sparta-kicking opponents off of El Dorado in no time. Or, watch the video above and consider joining the Sparty Party.

Primary Attack: Slash

Spartacus’ bread and butter. It’s a two-hit melee attack that moves him slightly forward. Great for pressuring down opponents, and can easily cancel into other abilities to maximize damage. Close distance with a enemy, and utilize constant Primary Attacks to apply pressure.

Ability 1: No Retreat

Charges forward with his shoulder lion in a straight line at fast speed, hits the first enemy he makes contact with and causes a small reaction. Use No Retreat when chasing down a runner, or to re-engage when an opponent has used their Defensive Ability to get away.

Ability 2: For Glory

A forward-moving, three-hit attack that knocks a opponent backwards on the last hit, aka the Sparta-kick. Spartacus cannot be knocked out of this ability once it’s started. Use For Glory after your Primary Attack to extend your combo and deal some additional damage. Or better yet, use Spartacus’ mobility to position yourself to knock an opponent off of the edge of the map.

Ultimate: Retribution

Powerful two hit combo that launches the opponent into the air before slamming them back to the ground. Not only is Retribution good for dealing a great deal of damage, a properly timed activation can utilize its initial invincibility to counter any incoming melee attacks.

Defensive Ability: Slide

A short ranged, invulnerable, defensive slide. If you’ve ever found that you’ve overcommitted to a teamfight, use Slide to move past your opponents and try to use No Retreat to put some distance between you and the opposing team. Slide can also be used to slide past incoming attacks to flank.

Fire Catapult

The Fire Catapult launches incendiary projectiles, and is good for clearing Buildables. It’s primarily used for disruption on the battlefield. Use it to clear out troublesome enemy Buildables from a distance. During team fights, Fire Catapults can disrupt the enemy team’s advances. Targeting the Relic’s spawn location adds a visual deterrent to the area.


Spartacus’ Ramp is used to gain distance and move the Relic forward. Place a Ramp at the base of your team’s starting area to approach the Relic quickly. Surprise ramps can be powerful – place a Ramp near your opponent’s base to add an instant-scoring threat.

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