To finish off the week, Combat Designer Fred Corchero is back to give us a few tips and tricks for using the gun-slinging US Marshal. Take us home, Fred!

The Bullet Dispenser

When we were crafting Rawlins, we knew we wanted a high-mobility shooter. Early on, there wasn’t much in-game strategy since the idea was so new to us. Like we mentioned previously, a lot of strategy and balance comes from just playing the warriors a bunch. For Rawlins, it came down to seeing what this new archetype can do once it’s in a playtest build, then tailoring the warrior to fit within the entire roster of warriors. So what we saw right off the bat is that melee warriors had trouble with Rawlins. They couldn’t keep up with his mobility, and Rawlins could easily tear them apparent. He could especially eat up tanks, since they are a little bit slower. So to balance things, we had to tweak Rawlins’ damage output to ensure that everything just felt right.

The best way to play Rawlins? Hit and move. Harass as much as possible. You can be a phenomenal damage dealer with Rawlins if you stack certain damage and armor penetration equipment buys. Personally, I like to get more money each round, so I lean towards items that grant more gold per kill. I also like adding regeneration to help sustain myself on the battlefield longer. Cooldowns are also another great item to buy with Rawlins. It lowers the time between ability usage, and will help you maintain pressure against the enemy team.

Once you figure out the right build for your Rawlins, you want to continue to harass opponents who are near the Relic. He can pop off so many shots that it makes it difficult for enemies to make forward progression when they are trying to run the Relic. Usually what happens is that a tank will try to clear you out, but then you start sliding backwards and shooting the tank. You will probably be able outrun them, but if they continue to rush you down, you’ll tear them apart. And if any opportunity opens up, slide through the front line and past the tanks to take out the squishies. Rawlins can run the ball, sure, but he’s best served being the bullet dispenser.

There are going to be a lot of hard choices when choosing whether or not to use melee or shooter warriors in your team composition. A lot of these decisions are based off of which warriors your team excels with, who your opponents are and so forth. For me, if the opposing team has a Black Knight, I would choose to roll with Rawlins, because he’s a great counter to tanks. The tradeoff, however, is that Rawlins isn’t going to put the Relic runners into many reactions. So he’s not going to slow them down, but he can kill them. If you want to have a burst damage team comp, he’s fantastic. But if you want to have more of a running game, then he might not be the best choice for your team.

Like I mentioned earlier, Rawlins is a good counter for tanks, but if Rawlins gets chased down by Spartacus he’s in trouble. If Rawlins misses a step, Spartacus is quick enough and does enough damage that a potential punish from Spartacus could take you out of the game. If you play perfectly, sure, Rawlins can escape. But Spartacus is a squishy killer, and Rawlins is a squishy.

I (Slide) Shot the Sheriff

That’s the basic gist of how to play as Rawlins, now let’s look at his abilities.

Primary Attack: Rapid Fire

Rawlins fire two shots per Primary Attack, and maintains some initial velocity while firing, allowing him to stay mobile while attacking opponents. Use the mobility from Rawlins’ Primary Attack to keep out of your opponent’s range, while whittling them down with constant damage.

Ability 1: Power Shot

A powerful double shot that deals good damage and forces enemies into a reaction. Use Power Shot to disrupt an opponent’s attack, knock them off of a ledge, or give you enough space to escape.

Ability 2: Slide Shot

A quick, short ranged slide that launches the opponent into the air, and allows for a follow-up attack. If you have an opponent blocking your path, use Slide Shot to quickly get past them while dealing some damage. If timed correctly, you can follow it up with a well-timed Power Shot or Primary Attack.

Ultimate: Blazing Barrage

Rawlins pulls out both pistols and unleashes a rapid fire barrage of bullets. Rawlins is locked into place when using this ability and can be knocked out of its activation, so proper timing and positioning is crucial to maximizing its damage. Blazing Barrage is very effective against opponents who get locked in Jail.

Defensive Ability: Double down

A defensive dodge with a short cooldown timer. Has two charges, allowing for two dodges in rapid succession. Double Down’s short cooldown allows Rawlins an added level of maneuverability. Utilize single uses of Double Down to quickly close distance to a target, or to get out of range of an incoming attack, while saving the second charge for emergency uses. 


Places a trap on the floor. When an opponent makes contact with the trap, they are locked up and the Jail must be destroyed for them to escape. Placing Jails at the top of the ramp at your base, or along high traffic running routes add a great level of defense against quick rushes.

Barrel Dispenser

A dispenser that rolls out explosive barrels over time in a straight line. Place a Barrel Dispenser aimed at the Relic, increasing the chance that it disrupts any opponents attempt to pick up the Relic.

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