Black Knight is an interesting tank. He is even less of a damage dealer than Thorgrim. See, Thorgrim can do some decent damage with Ragnarok, and he can get the ring out by flinging enemies off of the arena with Ram’s Head. With Black Knight, you have to work with your team to get the most out of his abilities. Black Knight will be able to disrupt and draw a lot of aggro by jumping into teamfights and popping his ultimate ability, pulling enemies closer to him and swinging his axe. He’s not going to be killing people as much as other warriors, but if you’re coordinating your abilities with your teammates, that’s when things start to get interesting.

Tis but a scratch

You tend to not use Walk of Iron unless you have two or more opponents nearby. If it’s just one enemy, it’s sort of a waste. You’re not min-maxing his ultimate ability. Sure, if it’s a last-stand situation it works. If the opponent is on a breakaway, you use Walk of Iron to stop them from scoring at the Relay. But you really want to use his abilities in conjunction with teamfights to maximize damage.

Another thing to keep in mind is to use your defensive ability. Not only for the armor boost, but for the explosion that happens at the tail end of the ability. A lot of times during an early push for either Attack or Health buff on El Dorado, you’ll see Black Knight activate Unforgiven as he’s approaching the buff. Then you’ll see him use Cruel Summons to pull an enemy close, then time it just right so the explosion from Unforgiven knocks them off of the map.

So we’ve talked about how Thorgrim and Black Knight are opposites in terms of health and armor. Let’s chat quickly about armor. Simply put, armor is damage mitigation. In particular, building health or armor depends a lot on your team comp, what your strategies are, and what your opponents are building. For example, Black Knight starts with 15 armor at the beginning of a game. The first thing I do is build more armor to reduce the amount of damage you’re taking during a match. I’ll keep pushing and building armor until the opposing team builds armor penetration. Until that put, then I’ll start to build health or something else. For context, Thorgrim starts with five armor, so Black Knight really does have a huge armor advantage.

I dub thee unforgiven

There are going to be some awesome ability and Buildable combos with Black Knight and other warriors that I just can’t wait to see players get a hold of and experiment with. Until then, let’s take a quick look at his abilities.

Primary Attack: Cleave

Black Knight performs a horizontal slash that can hit multiple opponents. Position yourself so that multiple opponents are in front of you to hit them with one slash.

Ability 1: Devastation

Black Knight performs a powerful overhead chop with his axe. This is a high damage move so pop one of your other abilities to pull in an opponent to land a hit.

Ability 2: Cruel Summons

Black Knight can hook an opponent with his axe to pull them towards him. Great for gaining a little unexpected range against someone that is trying to kite you. 

Ultimate: Dark Call

Black Knight draws in evil all around him pulling any opponent that is caught in the vortex. This can disrupt an entire team if they are grouped up or it can be used to cover the runner.

Defensive Ability: Unforgiven

Black Knight builds up power before releasing it to blast enemies back. This ability can be combo’d with Dark call to delay the other team for even longer. 

Siege Engine

A slow-moving battering ram that can easily destroy other Buildables. For efficiency’s sake, drop a Siege Engine in line with several enemy Buildables for maximum carnage.

Spike Trap

A Spike Trap appears on the floor stabbing upward rhythmically. Although this is often used to protect your Relay, placing this in high-traffic areas or near ally Buildables is a great idea.

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