To finish things off this week, Game Designer Chris Corey is going to talk about some Anne Bonny strategy. Most players know about The Godspeed, but what else does Anne Bonny have in her back pocket? You’re up, Chris!

Back to Basics

I think people who play shooters will enjoy Anne Bonny. She plays like a sniper. Now, she doesn’t have the run-and-gun style of play like Rawlins, so if you’re used to that she might not be a fit for you. But if you’re used to being methodical and waiting for the right moment to melt enemies’ faces, she’s a good pick.

Her range is her greatest strength. She has the longest range out of any other warrior in Breakaway. She has great damage output with her basic attack and abilities. But she’s squishy – she’s effectively a glass cannon. So if you do manage to get close to her, she’s in trouble, and it’s a lot harder for her to hit warriors in close range. If melee warriors gets close enough, they can lock her down and effectively neutralize her 

Shoot to Thrill

Anne Bonny’s projectiles aren’t hitscan. They are actual entities in the game world that have velocity and travel time. So you do have to lead your aim a bit, depending on the speed of the projectile, speed of your target, the distance between you and the target and so forth. Hitscan projectiles would be too effective against our melee warriors because they would impossible to dodge. We want to give melee warriors a chance to survive. Adding projectile velocity, gravity and arcs introduces some skill to shooting, which is a design goal we have. We want Breakaway to be competitive, so we want warriors to have longevity. We want there to be a difference between new players and veteran players, so giving projectiles physics helps achieve that.

As a new player, you want to play safe. Stay behind your teammates and your tanks, don’t overextend, don’t try to take Spartacus out by yourself. Learning the range of your attacks is key because we don’t have infinite range on our projectiles. Each projectile has a different range, so you have to learn those to know your effective distance. Additionally, her primary attack projectiles don’t cause fully-committed reactions. In other words, they don’t stop enemy movement or interrupt attacks. We found that if they did, melee warriors would get locked down and it was almost impossible for them to get near her.

Advanced players can play with a little more risk because they are much more familiar with the attack ranges, they know the best positioning for warriors in any given teamfight. They know how to escape and which warriors to focus on, which warriors to avoid. So they can be more involved, more active as a force in the arena. All the while, they are cognizant that Anne Bonny is a squishy warrior. They innately know that fighting at close range is a bad idea. There are rules to surviving and succeeding with Anne Bonny, it’s just that advanced players can take risks because they understand her boundaries and can stretch those limits.

Show Me Your Moves

Anne Bonny’s abilities are pretty fun to use. It’s always great when you see someone trying to jump over a gap on the map, then you hit them with your Sniper Shot and watch them plummet to their death. That’s always satisfying! Overcoming the odds and defeating Spartacus is very satisfying too. It’s a challenge but with proper maneuvering, you can whittle him down before he gets close and then use Roll or Musket Jump to escape. If you time it right and wait for him to attack, you can punish him when he whiffs with a quick Sniper Shot to the face, followed up with a meaty Hull Buster.

Primary Attack: Rifle Shot

Her basic attack is a single shot from her rifle. It doesn’t cause any hit reaction, so if someone’s running at you, they won’t stop if you hit them with your basic attack. They’ll take damage, but they won’t get stunned or react.

Ability 1: Sniper Shot

Her ability 1 is her Sniper Shot. It’s a very long range projectile that’s really fast. It’s really close to hitscan, but you still have to lead the shot a bit. It causes a reaction to enemy players. It’s great for picking off targets with low health or initiating team fights.

Ability 2: Musket Jump

Anne Bonny’s Musket Jump propels her into the air by shooting her rifle at the ground. It does a little bit of AOE damage around her. While she’s in the air she can do a second jump. It’s great for escaping from melee characters who are in your face, or getting over obstacles like Thorgrim’s Wall.

Ultimate: Hull Buster

Her ultimate is the Hull Buster, which is a giant shot from her cannon. It damages anything in its path and can go through enemies. So it’s best used in teamfights where enemies are grouped up, you can deal massive damage. It’s good for finishing off opponents.

Defensive Ability: Roll

She’s invincible when she does her dodge roll, it’s great for escaping. It’s also good for dodging projectiles from other characters.


Launches Warriors into the air. Good for reaching high areas or clearing tall obstacles. Best placed near enemy Relays or Thorgrim’s walls.


A turret that fires homing projectiles at enemies. Best placed near your Relay or where team fights are most likely to occur. Cannot target enemies at close range.

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