When we were filling out our initial roster of warriors, we wanted to have at least two of each class so players would have more options when forming a balanced team composition. We only had one support warrior (Alona) so it made sense to create another. However, we didn’t want another healer because it would feel redundant with our current roster. If we were going to create another support warrior, it needed to feel unique and offer a different kind of support. This is how Morgan Le Fay came to be.

Debuff extraordinaire

Unlike a healer, Morgan Le Fay focuses on crippling the enemy team and making them easier to defeat. She achieves this through various debuffs that she can apply to enemies. Her defensive ability, Flock, makes her ethereal, allowing her to float in the air and pass through enemies. Her primary attack applies a stacking armor debuff, stripping the defenses of tanky enemies. Burden of Sin slows enemies considerably, making them easier to catch and hit. Circle of Spite increases damage done to all enemies within its radius. Aura of Silence of silences nearby enemies, preventing them from using their abilities. Her abilities are designed to work in tandem as well. For example, if you cast Circle of Spite around a group of enemies, you can follow up with Burden of Sin and Aura of Silence in order to make it much more difficult for them to escape the area of effect. She has some pretty brutal combos, making her especially dangerous with a coordinated team.

Playing as Morgan is similar to playing as any ranged character. You don’t have a lot of health so you’ll want to stay in the backline and attack from safe distance. Don’t try to go toe-to-toe with fighters or shooters. Play safe and stick with your teammates so that you can focus on debuffing their current targets. Staying close also allows you to Flock towards them when melee enemies get too close for comfort. If you’re by yourself, Flock won’t be much help because you don’t move very quickly while it’s active and enemies will easily be able to catch you. Flock can also be used to better position yourself to use Aura of Silence or escape after using it. Similarly, Burden of Sin has multiple uses. If you’re being chased, you can use Burden of Sin to slow your pursuers and secure your escape. Conversely, if you’re chasing someone, the slow will make it much easier to catch them. Because all of your abilities affect multiple enemies, you should generally try to wait for enemies to group up before using them. For example, if the enemy team is trying to destroy a crystal buff or Buildable, that’s a perfect opportunity to use Circle of Spite. If they continue to focus on destroying the buff or Buildable, your team can pummel them with the added damage. If they choose to leave the circle, they can no longer continue attacking the buff/Buildable. It’s a win-win either way. Ultimately, the key to playing as Morgan Le Fay is to work with your team. You’re pretty effective by yourself but far more effective if your team can capitalize on your debuffs.

well-oiled machine

If Morgan Le Fay’s abilities support her team, her Buildables serve the same role. The Tome of Frailty reduces the nearest enemy’s damage by 50%. This makes it very effective when placed near other Buildables because it effectively makes them twice as durable. The Elder Stone gains charge when enemies stay within its radius and then explodes when the maximum charge is reached, damaging enemies and launching them back. As with the Tome of Frailty, placing it near other Buildables makes it an effective defender. It can also be placed near ledges so that enemies get launched off the map when it explodes. Strategically placing your Buildables can bolster the survivability of other Buildables and help you secure parts of the arena.

That’s Morgan Le Fay in a nutshell. Debuff support extraordinaire. Her abilities perfectly complement a team that’s focused on destroying opponents. Play smart, coordinate with your teammates and before you know it, your team will become a well-oiled killing machine.

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