We had a blast this weekend thanks to everyone who came out to TwitchCon and tuned in to the stream. After a good time in San Diego, we’re back at the Amazon Game Studios Orange County offices.

Everyone is working towards making the Alpha experience the best it can be. We want to involve players as much as we can throughout the development process, so if you ever have thoughts or comments, please send them our way via reddit or Twitter.

There was a good amount of stuff that happened over four days at TwitchCon, so let’s recap some of things that went down. 


If you didn’t catch the Amazon Game Studios Unboxing event, you can watch it in its entirety here. We talked about our goals and ambitions as a video game studio, and introduced new, upcoming features on Twitch. But the part of the show that most of us at AGS OC were excited about was the first-ever Breakaway exhibition match.

From fighting games to online survival games, we brought in eight players who excel in different gaming genres. These players have been practicing and playtesting with us for the past few months, and they were hungry to find out which team was best team.

One of the players, Godspeed, had the highlight of the match. Using Anne Bonny, he was able to alley-oop the Relic to himself and score while avoiding three-on-one coverage near the Relay. Everyone in the crowd was hype, and you have to see it to believe it.

Click here to watch the full match.

First Impressions

After the Unboxing event, players were able to get hands-on with Breakaway for the first time ever. We were curious about how people would react to playing the game, but after a few fun, casual matches (and a handful of sweaty ones), we realized everyone was having a good time, and that’s all we wanted for this part of the event. 

Throughout the night, players were giving feedback directly to some of the developers and that was awesome. A player told me that he thought Thorgrim’s name should actually be Throwgrim because of his ability to hurl Warriors off of the map. I kind of agree.

This carried into TwitchCon, where players could play Breakaway throughout the weekend. Some even battled to play on the Breakaway stage. 

The New Meta

Although Breakaway isn’t even in alpha yet, there is still a lot to be said about team composition. Throughout TwitchCon, players in chat discussed the possibilities. Most players agreed that two melee Warriors, one tank and one support Warrior seemed like the most balanced team comp. Warriors like Thorgrim could soak up damage while Alona heals Warriors like Rawlins and Spartacus.

But on the last day of TwitchCon on the Breakaway stage, there was a team comp that no one had seen up until that point. Not the casters, not the devs: no one. 

All Spartacus, all the time.

Click here to watch the four Spartacus Warriors ramp-up to battle.

With four Spartacuses (Spartaci?), the team was able to quickly rush to the Relic and score in the Relay twice within a minute. However, the opposing team caught on to their plan. They slowed the all-Roman squad down with buildables and focused teamfights. Without a support or tank Warrior, the all-Spartacus team couldn’t stay alive long enough to push the Relic forward and eventually fell.

Can’t Stop Me Now

Up until Sunday afternoon, there were two teams that were undefeated on the stage. We set up an exhibition match between the two squads, and the winner of those two teams got to play the Breakaway developers. You know, the same devs who made the game and who probably know Breakaway better than anyone else. Who do you think won?

Click here to watch the match.

What’s Next?

We’ll be announcing more and more about Breakaway in the coming weeks, and we can’t wait to talk about it. Until then, keep the discussion going on reddit and sign up for the Breakaway Alpha.

P.S. - For those of you in chat participating in Stream+, you now know never to take scouting reports from MrSil. You're welcome. 

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