Tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time, tune in to the Breakaway Twitch channel for the premiere of Throwdown Thursday – our official, weekly Breakaway broadcast. Throwdown Thursday features commentated matches of Breakaway coming at you live from the Amazon Game Studios Orange County broadcast studio.

Our premiere broadcast kicks off a three-week competitive arc: if you were any paying attention at all during TwitchCon, then you remember the standout match where a scrappy, undefeated team of players from the show floor calling themselves Defcon5 took on and humiliated a team of four Breakaway devs by beating them at their own game.

This week, that team of shamed game developers – the self-styled Team Salty Run Back – will attempt to run back their dignity by facing off against a new challenger: a rival team of Breakaway devs who call themselves Team Robot Crew. Will Team Salty Run Back be able to prove themselves worthy? Or will they start off their competitive careers 0-2? Tune in to the dev faceoff this Thursday at 5:00 p.m. PT to find out.

Then, next week, the winning team of the dev faceoff will go up against the Exhibition All-Stars, a team of four competitors from our first-ever Exhibiton match.

Finally, on November 3, the winner of the All-Stars vs. Devs match will battle a final boss…to be announced…

Tune in tomorrow, Thursday, October 20, to kick it all off. We’ll see you in Twitch chat.

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