Last week on Throwdown Thursday, there was a friendly exhibition match between the members of the Association of Gamers at UC Irvine. We saw two teams form from the collegiate group, UC Ice Ice Baby and Team Ham. Unfortunately for Team Ham, it was an absolute slaughter, as UC Ice Ice Baby was able to 2-0 their opponents.

Things won’t be so friendly this week.

As you may have heard during the broadcast last week, we created an internal league within the studio here in Orange County. We want everyone in the studio to git gud at playing Breakaway, so we created the Breakaway Internal League. All of the practice and play tests will lead to tomorrow’s stream, where we’ll be streaming the finals of the internal tournament we’ve been playing over the last month. They’ll be playing for a trophy, but most importantly: pride.

Here’s a breakdown of the four teams playing in the semifinals today in the office. You might even recognize some of the names.

Rusty Robots: Kelley Hecker, Jorge Oseguera, Alex Charsky, Kirk Gilmore, Bryan Letenbrink (Coach)
Hall’s Heroes: Eric Chiu, Justin Goldstein, Hoshiko Oyamatsu, Paul Forest, David Hall (Coach)
Team Juggernaut: Albert Vital, Jess Scott, Andrew Harrington, Eric Vincent, Darren McKinsey (Coach)
The Berserkers: Dave Oelkers, Larry King, Adam Siegel, Simon Loche, Mike Willette (Coach)

We’ll announce the winners of these semifinal matches on Twitter, so follow us to keep in the know. Tune in at 5 p.m. Pacific Time on Twitch on Thursday to watch the finals!

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