For the past few weeks, Throwdown Thursday has been in full effect. We saw the Breakaway game team, better known as Team Salty Runback, defeat all challengers at the Amazon Game Studios Orange County office. Last week, Defcon5 put up a great fight, but they were no match for the experience of the dev team. Tomorrow, things are going to be a little different during the show.

We’re going back to school.

A Gaming Community

Tomorrow, the Association of Gamers at UC Irvine will be competing among themselves in an exhibition match to see who at the college club can emerge victorious Thursday night.

The Association of Gamers is a club dedicated to fostering a fun and interactive community of individuals within UC Irvine and the surrounding area. There are several divisions within their organization that cater to a wide array of players, so there's definitely a place for everyone!

If you want to learn more about the group, visit their website here or watch this highlight video.

Tune into the stream at 5pm PT tomorrow to catch all of the action.

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