Last night on Throwdown Thursday, we saw Team Feed Me take on The Berserkers. Chark’s strategy of scaling equipment quickly with Rawlins worked in the first game. As Zin Ramu’s team would place Buildables, Chark would sneak into the backline, destroy them and farm for gold. Both teams went back and forth, but in game five, Team Feed Me countered Chark’s strategy by not placing any Buildables in early rounds, thus reducing Chark’s efficiency in the late game. In the end, Zin Ramu was a Happy Ramu, and Team Feed Me got the victory. To checkout a breakdown of the stats from last night’s battle, click here.

If you missed the action, be sure to watch the VoD on Twitch.

Upcoming games

Here’s the upcoming schedule for the Breakaway Office League.

January 12: FeelsBauMan (L) vs. Squirrel Posse (W)

January 19: The Berserkers (L) vs. Team Feed Me (W)

January 26: FeelsBauMan vs. The Berserkers

February 2: Squirrel Posse vs. Team Feed Me

February 9: The Berserkers vs. Squirrel Posse

February 16: Team Feed Me vs. FeelsBauMan

February 23: Top-2 Team Playoff

FeelsBauMan and The Berserkers are both 0-1 and will face off next week! 

Tune into our Twitch channel every Thursday at 5pm for the Breakaway Office League on Throwdown Thursday!

Alpha Stats

Some of you have been asking about the average stats per warrior from the December Alpha. Well, resting_salamander is here to give us a data drop!

Fullmetal372 asked this on Discord chat: “I’m curious as to the two percent difference In Rawlins getting picked more than Anne Bonny. Was there that much of a difference in fumbles or does the two percent account for that?” I erroneously answered that deadliest, top relic scorer, and most fumbles caused were determined based on a per-game basis. I could not have been more wrong, I should change my handle to lying_salamander. Though this does not change the fact that Rawlins forced the most fumbles, total and per game.

Here’s the link to each warrior's per game average stats. Some interesting observations:

    • Thorgrim loves to run the Relic. (160 meters per game) Despite being not as fast of Alona, he still ran as far as her.
    • Anne Bonny (5.91 kills 4,523 damage dealt) and Rawlins (5.39 kills 3,779 damage dealt)  are equally efficient killing machines based on kills, damages dealt, and buildables destroyed. Who you choose all depends on your playing style.
    • Morgan had the most assists per game. On average, she had a hand in at least 8 of her teammates kills.

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