It’s been a few weeks since the Breakaway Alpha weekend, and there was a good amount of feedback. From display settings to combat mechanics, we’re reading everything. Now the next question is: what do we do with all this feedback?

Next week, Executive Producer Matt Priestley is going to give us some insight on how the Breakaway team will take feedback from the Alpha and apply it to production of the game. We said we’re listening to player feedback, but what does that really mean? We’re going to start talking about how your opinions and suggestions will shape the future of Breakaway, and we’ll kick things off next week.

Until then, let’s dive into some info about the upcoming Breakaway Office League.

Breakaway Office League

Yesterday, we announced the second season of the Breakaway Office League. Four General Managers will draft players from the Breakaway studio, play in a round-robin tournament and discover whether or not they have what it takes to lead their team to victory. The action will take place every week during Throwdown Thursday. 

During last night’s broadcast, we saw JustCallMeBau and Otterhed defeat Zin Ramu and Berserker Mike. Because Bau and Otterhed were able to defeat their opponents, they were rewarded the first and second pick of the draft. Next Thursday, these four GMs will form their teams and find out which dev is best dev. JustCallMeBau will lead a team named FeelsBauMan into battle, Otterhed will champion the Squirrel Posse, Zin Ramu will direct Team Feed Me, and Berserker Mike will take The Berserkers into the fray.

Here are the picks that each team will get during the draft:

FeelsBauMan: 1, 8, 9
Squirrel Posse: 2, 7, 10
Team Feed Me: 3, 6, 11
The Berserkers: 4, 5, 12

Now that we know the draft order, let’s look at how the next seven weeks will unfold. Here’s the upcoming schedule for the next season:

January 12: FeelsBauMan vs. Squirrel Posse
January 19: The Berserkers vs. Team Feed Me
January 26: FeelsBauMan vs. The Berserkers
February 2: Squirrel Posse vs. Team Feed Me
February 9: The Berserkers vs. Squirrel Posse
February 16: Team Feed Me vs. FeelsBauMan
February 23: Top-2 Team Playoff

As for the players from the studio who are in the draft, here’s a list of all the draftees. You might recognize a few, and there are a couple new faces, too.


Be sure to catch the draft at 4:30 p.m. Pacific Time next week during Throwdown Thursday. We’ll see you next week for start of the upcoming Breakaway Office League season!

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