Hey everybody! The weekend starts soon, but more importantly, the Alpha is just a few weeks away. If you haven’t already, sign up for the Alpha here. We have a few things we want to talk about, so let’s dive right in.

Throwdown Thursday: Battle of the Daves

Last night on Throwdown Thursday, we saw a battle between good and evil. Team Evil Dave, with members of Angry Coaches, took on Team Good Dave (with members from Salty Runback) in a best-of-three grudge match. It was a bit of a show match, in that each game had a different restriction imposed on gameplay. In game one, players couldn’t use Alona in their team comp, meaning that there were no healer warriors in the arena. In game two, players couldn’t have a Spartacus, so there was no rush down or ramp threat. Finally in game three, each team had to use a Morgan Le Fay in their team comp.

In the end, Da Billz and his Evil Dave cohorts were able to defeat Zin Ramu and the Good Daves. If you missed the action, click here to watch the Twitch VoD.

We’ve been hearing chatter that there’s a want for more stats around Breakaway action. So today, we’re going to expose some of the stats that came from last night’s broadcast. There is a caveat, however: because we had to restart game two in the middle of play between rounds, we excluded those stats because they would’ve misrepresented performance and play.

Our resident stat expert resting_salamander has a few notes from last night’s Throwdown Thursday:

With no Alona in game one, healing at the base and using Chalice of Life to regenerate health became very important. Alona will usually carry the sustain for a team, but without that, either side had to look for other avenues in regards to staying alive. If you look at Da Billz and Old Rusty Robot’s stats, you can see that Evil Dave’s team did a good job of this.

Since we can’t factor in Healing Done as a metric to judge performance, let’s look at Damage Taken over Deaths. This makes sense because the less damage you take per death, the more likely you have a chance to score for your team. Staying alive is key to scoring the Relic, yeah? For example, in game one over the course of all played rounds, Da Billz was inflicted with 7,263.53 damage and he had nine deaths. This gives us a DmgT/D ratio of 807 per death. Let’s look at the breakdown for each of teams:

Evil Daves

Da Billz, Black Knight: 807 DmgT/D
Grey Trip, Rawlins: 1,410 DmgT/D
Kombo Breaker, Morgan Le Fay: 722 DmgT/D
Old Rusty Robot, Spartacus: 1,033 DmgT/D

Good Daves

Berserker Mike, Black Knight: 945 DmgT/D
Earl Grey, Rawlins: 985 DmgT/D
MKUltraMan, Thorgrim: 1,142 DmgT/D
Zin Ramu, Spartacus: 845 DmgT/D

Look at Grey Trip, for example. He took 1,410 damage per death, as opposed to Old Rusty Robot’s Spartacus, who took 1,033 damage per death. Now let’s look at Thorgrim on the Good Dave team. He took on 1,142 damage per death. So let’s think about that: Rawlins, a squishy damage dealer, took on more damage per death than Thorgrim, the tank with the most health in Breakaway. This means that Rawlins had the mobility to get away from the battle and continue to contribute to the fight, even without an Alona to sustain him! It’s like an MLB shortstop hitting 40 dingers in a season, it just doesn’t really happen, so props to Grey Trip playing above-and-beyond what you could expect from a Rawlins.  

Thanks, resting_salamander! If you want to take a look at the stats for game one and game three yourself, check out the end of game stats here, or view the Throwdown Thursday summary here.


Today, Shidosha will be streaming from our studio in Orange County from 1-3 p.m. Pacific Time! He casted last night’s Throwdown Thursday broadcast, and he does Breakaway analysis every once in a while on his Twitch channel. Be sure to hop by his stream to check out the action.

Next Throwdown Thursday

Next week on Throwdown Thursday, it’s a battle between friends. When you tune in, you’ll see Kalology and Nov4cane face off against each other, and they’ll have help from the developers! These two have been active in the forums and on social channels, so it'll be interesting to see how they match up when the face off in El Dorado. 

Be sure to catch the action next week at 5 p.m. Pacific Time on Twitch.

Monday Mailbag

We want to be as transparent as possible while we developer Breakaway. Starting this Monday, members from the game team will answer questions for you in a news article! We’ll pick a few questions and answer what we can. Log in and leave your questions for the developers right here in the forums.

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