The Breakaway Office League is underway, and we saw the first match take place last night. JustCallMeBau led his newly-drafted team against Otterhed’s team in a best-of-five series. While ButterBeany and JustCallMeBau were able to show off their signature defensive moves, it was the coaching by UXKilla and the coordination between the entire Squirrel Posse team that helped propel Otterhed’s team to victory. If you missed the action, be sure to watch the VoD right here.

Breakaway Office League

Now that the draft is complete, let’s take a look at the landscape of players that are competing this season. Here’s a breakdown of the teams in the Breakaway Office League.

FeelsBauMan | 0-1

Lead Designer JustCallMeBau
Programmer ButterBeany
Senior Animator tiktrip
Technical Artist SpookyForest
Designer BobaVette (Coach)

Squirrel Posse | 1-0

Designer Otterhed
Game Development Engineer gltovar
Lead Environment Artist Orgoth02
Senior Environment Artist DanielMcGowan
UX Programmer UXKilla (Coach)

Team Feed Me | 0-0

Creative Director Zin Ramu
QA Lead MattyAwesome20
Broadcast Technical Producer GucciPantsZwn6
Executive Producer mpriest
Visual FX Artist Earl Grey (Coach)

The Berserkers | 0-0

Lead Producer Berserker Mike
Core Engine Programmer ThrillhouseVH
Art Director Nocnoz
Esports Manager Chark
Designer Greytrip (Coach)

The Squirrel Posse drew first blood this season, and next week we’ll see Zin Ramu’s Team Feed Me take on Berserker Mike’s The Berserkers. Be sure to tune in at 5 p.m. Pacific Time on Twitch to watch the action unfold!

Moar Breakaway!

You may have seen GucciPants and FilthieRich hold it down on the broadcast today, walking you through some Breakaway tactics and strategy. Next Friday, we’ll have Weak3n in the studio and he’ll be streaming the game throughout the afternoon. Be sure to stop by his channel and check out the action!

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