The Alpha is next week! If you haven’t signed up, make sure you click here to do so. Let’s quickly go over what happened on last night’s broadcast, and you set up to watch more Breakaway action today.

Throwdown Thursday Recap

Last night on Throwdown Thursday, we saw a battle of community members. Kalology and Nov4cane faced off against each other on El Dorado in a best-of-three series. It finally happened, and we #LetKaloPlay.

Kalology’s team Team Kaloha couldn’t fend off Nov4cane’s team, dubbed Beginner’s Luck, and were handedly defeated by Beginner’s Luck in game 1. Game 2 was a bit closer, but in the end Beginner’s Luck outplayed Team Kaloha, and the Throwdown Thursday victory belonged to Nov4cane.

Here’s resting_salamander with a quick breakdown:

Game 1 was an outright blowout, but game 2 couldn’t really been a coin flip. In game 1, the theme was “don’t die.” As a team in game 1, Beginner’s Luck had 10 kills but only had three deaths total. Whereas in game 2, Beginner’s Luck had 24 kills and 19 deaths, meaning that it was a much closer game when it came to kill/death ratio.

And on that topic, Chris Corey is a beast. He had the most kills in both games as Spartacus. In game 1, he had six kills out the team’s ten. For context, in game 2, Chris Corey had 13 kills, while Kalology had eight. Over the span of just three rounds, Chris Corey racked up nearly has many kills as Kalology did over five rounds!

If you want a deeper look into the stats from last night, click here.

As for next week, well…you’ll be hearing about that soon enough ;)

Streaming Today

This week, we have a handful of special guests visiting the studio to stream Breakaway. Starting at 1:00pm Pacific Time, you’ll see YoVideoGames, SuperBest Friends, Kalology and Nov4cane all broadcasting Breakaway action. Be sure to stop by their streams and say hello!


The Alpha starts next Thursday, and we can't wait to hop into matchmaking and play with everyone. We’ll have a lot more to say in the coming days. Stay tuned to and follow us on Twitter to catch all of the news and announcements.

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