Last week, we saw a little bit of Anne Bonny’s story in Breakaway. This week, find out why Thorgrim is seeking Valhalla…

Backstory Teaser

With the horns of a mythic battle ram upon his helm and the weight of a massive warhammer in his strong hand, Thorgrim, Thrice-born, welcomes the challenge of each new battle on his journey to Valhalla.

 “Tell Valhalla that Thorgrim is coming.”
-Thorgrim, often and to
anyone in earshot

Thorgrim, Thrice-born, the plunder king of the Northlands, vanquisher of the heathen hordes and celebrated hero of eight of the last nine Frost Clan Wars wanted for nothing. He was revered for his leadership, admired for his victories – numerous and impressive as they were – and hailed for his god-like ability to consume meads, ales, wines and fatty foods as effortlessly as breathing.

In short, Thorgrim, Thrice-born, breaker of the Giant’s Bone, sailor of the White Sea and champion bare-knuckle bruiser, was that which all Viking warriors longed to be – feared by his enemies and honored by his people.

Following each conquest or test of strength, Thorgrim would sit proudly in his favorite chair – a massive throne crafted from the wood of his ancestors’ forest and the many broken bones of his enemies. There, at the head of the Great Hall’s banquet table, he would eat and drink and watch as the people he fought to inspire and protect would celebrate his name and deeds for days on end.

Yet Thorgrim yearned for more.

His destiny had been etched in the fabled Legend Stone – he would one day be called to Valhalla where he would live in eternity as an immortal champion of his people.

But passage to Valhalla was not granted freely.

Its toll was glorious death – earned in combat, paid in honor and granted only to true champions. To reach Valhalla, one could not simply fall – warriors, great and small, were defeated everyday. The death must mean something. The challenge presented must be worthy of the champion’s might.

To claim his destiny, Thorgrim, Thrice-born, vanquisher of the Death Eaters, breaker of the murkwood swarms and conqueror of the Riverlands sought greater challenges with each new dawn. And though he hoped for honored defeat, he found only new glories heaped upon him with every victory won and every battle fought.

It seemed none on this earthly plane could challenge him and the prize he fought so hard to claim—his rightful place alongside the gods of Valhalla—would remain elusive. For how does one enter the realm of the gods when he cannot be defeated by any who walk amongst the realms of Man?

To Thorgrim, Thrice-born, razer of the Sullen Fields, tamer of the Golden Ram and wielder of Mirgroht the answer was simple. He would leave his home in search of either a death worthy of Valhalla or Valhalla itself. And should he stumble upon the great gates that lead to the paradise of the Gods he would gladly knock them down or die trying.

And so, on a full-mooned night, while his people slept deeply, their champion, Thorgrim, Thrice-born, eater of the Stone Heart, beheader of the Jotunn Battle Priest and builder of the First Henge set out on a great journey – to find himself, to find Valhalla, to find death, and with it, his final glory.

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