We’ve heard a bit about how Rawlins was designed from both a gameplay and art perspective, but what’s his story? Why is he battling for the Relic? Let’s take a sneak peek into the fiction behind this US Marshal.

Backstory Teaser

Quick on the draw and smooth on the trigger, Rawlins seeks more than victory. He seeks justice; delivered with righteous fire from his devastating twin cannons – Law and Order.

“Justice isn’t about the letter a’the law.
Justice is about doing the right thing.
So, fill yer good hand.”
“’Cause I’m about t’do the right thing and shooting
an unarmed man jus’ feels like bad sport.”
— US Marshal Rawlins to a wanted man

US Marshal Calvin Macon Rawlins became a lawman following the Civil War. Traveling west, he looked to claim a new life – one spent in the pursuit of justice; one spent atoning for the sins of war.

As Rawlins lost himself in his singular drive to see bad men face the consequences of their actions, his legend grew. The more outlaws he gunned down or captured, the further word of his deeds spread.

From Cheyenne to Arizona and the Mississippi to California, stories of the ex-soldier-turned-US Marshal took on a life of their own.

He was a hero to most – to the law-abiding citizen, to the common, hardworking man and woman – and a hated rival to any with a Wanted poster and price on their head.

But that was a lifetime ago – in another world.

Before his hunt for The Kid.

Before this showdown with the notorious outlaw led him here, to a strange, new land – the Realm of Warriors.

On Earth, US Marshal Calvin Macon Rawlins was a lawman, maybe the best. Here, in a Realm beyond possibility, he is a champion; delivering victory with righteous fire from his twin cannons – Law and Order.

He doesn’t know when, or if, he will ever return home, but with each new day and every battle fought, Rawlins is comforted by the fact he is fighting for a new brand of justice – one that serves to protect not only the good men and women back home, but quite possibly the whole of reality itself.

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