Last week, we got a glimpse of Spartacus’ story in Breakaway. The slave-turned-gladiator declared war on Rome. History tells us he lost, but now we know just a bit more of his fate. This week, discover more about Anne Bonny’s story, and perhaps learn more of the treasure she seeks.

Backstory Teaser

Anne Bonny’s thirst for fortune and fame is matched only by the joy she finds in besting her rivals. And though they try, few warriors can match her daring and none are more skilled with pistols and gunpowder.    

 “…arson, brigandage, depravity, forgery, murder, theft, assault, assault with a deadly weapon, assault with intent to do harm, smuggling, poaching, kidnapping, looting, pillaging, mutiny, vandalism, impersonation of officers of the Royal fleet, piracy, mutilation, bribery, larceny, blasphemy, flying of false flags, destruction of royal property, willful destruction of private assets, willful destruction of public assets, illegal trade, mutilation...”

— Partial list of complaints against Anne Bonny,
as taken from a Royal warrant

Anne Bonny wasn’t born into a pirate’s life, she was drawn to it.

The call of the high sea, its unbridled freedom and the unknown adventure found beneath the banner of a black flag spoke to her in ways the comforts of her posh upbringing never could.

So, at a young age, this ill-tempered daughter of a wealthy man shed the decadent illusion of a settled life in exchange for danger and plunder and treasure and the sea.

Together with her trusted partners in crime – Calico Jack Rackham and Mary Read – Bonny lead a crew of cutthroats, raiders and treasure hounds aboard the pirate ship, Revenge.

To command the loyalty of her ruthless crew, Bonny had to prove herself time and again. So she would fight and drink and lie and cheat and steal to show her mettle.

Not simply because she needed to.

And not only because she could.

But because she enjoyed it. 

And, when her crimes were not enough to stake her claim as worthy of fear – or better yet, respect – she would fight harder, drink longer and steal more – more cargo, more ships and more treasure than any pirate save Black Beard, himself.

As stories of Anne Bonny’s misdeeds and lust for treasure spread throughout the Caribbean – ship-to-ship and island-to-island – her infamy grew. Until all who flew the Jolly Roger – partners and bitter rivals alike – basked in the glory of her legend.

Then, one night, under a moonless sky, with a fleet of royal war ships in pursuit, Anne Bonny, the pirate queen who was as deadly with a flintlock and powder as any man, mercenary, soldier or sailor and as merciless as the sea herself, disappeared, along with her ship and her crew.

Authorities claim the Revenge and all aboard were lost at sea.

But as the age of pirates drew to its close, another story was told.

A tale of myth and magic.

A fanciful yarn about a pirate queen and a Relic as old as time.

About Anne Bonny and the Revenge and her search for the greatest treasure ever known.

About a key and a door and a realm beyond our own, where warriors meet in endless battle for a glory greater than gold.

But such stories are nothing more than superstition – pirate fairy tales telling of the brave souls who escaped the gallows’ justice.

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