A few days ago, we saw how Alona was designed from a gameplay perspective. Today, let’s take a peek at where she comes from, and what she’s fighting for.

Backstory Teaser

Alona, the last Sun Priestess, calls upon the power of the Sun for strength and healing. Her mighty Sun Staff channels solar rays, harnessing their purifying light to protect those in need.

 “The sun will set,
that stars may guide
to horizons born
where suns yet rise.”
—     Promise of the Sun

Alona joined the Temple of the Sun at a young age.

For years she and her sisters worshiped the Sun God in a manner that honored her people’s traditions.

And the Sun God seemed happy.

And the people were happy.

And the land was fertile and lush.

And all was right in the world that sat beneath the sun.

Then, after years of prosperity, Alona’s healthy, happy people were faced with a test of their faith. As the dry season lingered and the crops began to wither a sickness came to the land, and with it, doubt.

And the Sun God was forsaken.

Her sisters and her people had turned their backs on the light, choosing instead to worship the Moon, and the thunder, and the storm.

Only Alona stood by her faith as the dark skies blotted out the Sun’s rays.

And she was punished for her loyalty.

On a day so dark and so stormy no light pierced the thick blanket of gray above, Alona, the last Sun Priestess, left her home in search of the light.

Her journey took her through the murky shadowlands and impassable jungles that had taken hold of her once vibrant paradise, sending her far from her people and her Temple, yet closer to herself with each step.

In the months and years to follow, as she searched the dark lands for any sign of the Sun God’s presence, a new strength blossomed within Alona.

It was a strength born of confidence – in her instincts and in her willingness to not only survive, but fight for her beliefs.

She had joined the Temple of the Sun a dedicated, delicate young girl.

She fought for her beliefs in a shadow-cast, uncertain world as a woman – strong and confident and driven to see her faith rewarded and the land freed from the accursed gloom.

Then came a spark – bright and other; new in ways she could not understand, yet as familiar as her lost sun.

Alona followed the spark and found herself drawn to a strange place; another realm where the sun burned brightly in the skies above.

She was a student of peace in the time before an endless gloom took her land and her sun, but in this new place she found a purpose beyond worship, beyond peace.

She had searched the known world for a means to save her people – from the shadows and from themselves. Here now, in this wondrous new realm of magic and light and power, she would search no more. Instead…

She would fight.

And as Alona, the last Priestess of the Sun stepped upon a battlefield for the first time, in a reality not her own but not entirely dissimilar, she claimed a new mantle.

She was not simply the final Sun Priestess of a dying faith, she was more – the first War Priestess of the eternal dawn, and light and hope and courage would be her weapons of choice.


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