Last week, during our inaugural episode of Throwdown Thursday, we announced the Breakaway Alpha phase would begin on December 15. We’d now like to make it official and give you all some more insight into what you can expect.

At Amazon Game Studios, we want to develop games alongside our most passionate fans and so when we say the game is in alpha, we mean it. We want to begin opening limited access as early as technically possible, and we’ve landed on December 15 to start the process.

I’m sure there are a lot of questions around the Alpha, so I thought it would be fun to create a little FAQ that I’m calling, “What to Expect when you’re Expecting: Breakaway Alpha Edition”.

What does “Alpha” really mean for Amazon Game Studios and Breakaway?

Alpha to us, means alpha…..a super early version of a game that is in active development. While the core gameplay experience will be fairly polished—if you’ve played our TwitchCon demo, you’ve hopefully already seen that—a lot of the systems surrounding the gameplay loop will be in early stages and various degrees of polish. You might encounter some bugs, you might see us testing mechanics, you might even see game crashes. Again, we want to be as transparent as possible with all of you and give you the earliest possible access to Breakaway to get your feedback. Our goal is to make Breakaway a game that is developed with your input, and that can only happen if we allow you to play the game while it’s still early.

Who gets into the Alpha on December 15?

TwitchCon Stream+ promotion winners and anyone who has received a limited edition Alpha code will be guaranteed access to the Alpha on December 15. Once those people have been granted access, we will unlock waitlist access based on the order of signup……so if you’re reading this and you haven’t yet signed up for Alpha, GO HERE NOW! :)

I’m on the Stream+ leaderboard, when do I get my Alpha code?

Anyone who made it to the top 5000 on the Stream+ leaderboard will automiatcally enter into the Alpha on December 15. 

How many people are you letting into the Alpha on Dec 15?

Our numbers and play windows will be limited at first, to make sure we’re providing the best possible experience.  We will be expanding access as rapidly as possible in the weeks following December 15.

Will the Alpha be up 24/7?

Eventually, we’d like to run the servers 24/7, but initially the servers will be up for set periods of time. We will communicate these time windows closer to the Alpha deployment on December 15, but in the meantime, I’d start clearing up your Thursdays and Saturdays!

Will I get to see new content in the Alpha that I didn’t see at TwitchCon?


Will I get to see a new Warrior?



I can’t reveal that just yet.

Come On…TELL ME!

If I told you now, it would spoil the surprise. (that’s what we call in the industry a tease).

Will I get to play on a new map?


You’re not going to tell me what the new map is, are you?

You’re catching on! :)

Will there be other new features?

Yes. We will be testing some additional systems in the game and are excited to get your feedback on them.

Will I be able to stream the Alpha?

This is something that we’re currently discussing in real time as there are pros and cons to both. I’d love to get your thoughts on this in the comments below.

If I play the Alpha during a Throwdown Thursday, could I be featured on the stream?

Yep! :)

Do I get anything if you feature my match on a Throwdown Thursday?

Of course! We’re working out the details, but want Throwdown Thursday to be a weekly celebration for people playing Breakaway.

If I’m in the Alpha, will I be able to bring my friends with me?

Initially, we will only be letting people on the waitlist and with Alpha codes into the Alpha. Once we’ve been able to establish some stability, we will be looking to give additional Alpha codes to our most active players to bring their friends into the mix.

So, you want me to be just a glorified tester for you? What’s in it for me?!

You’re pretty upset about not revealing the character and map, huh? Well, for all those times you played a game and were upset that it wasn’t quite what you expected, this is your chance to change that. You have the opportunity to get in early in the development process and actually make the game that you want to play.

I have other questions about the Alpha, how do I ask you?

Either post a comment below or use our Alpha post in the forums.

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