About a month ago, we detailed out information about the Alpha. Now that we're only two days away-and you can technically download it now-it's time to share some more details. In the spirit of my first Alpha post, I thought it would be fun to write this one in a similar FAQ style.

Q) Wait, did you say you could download the Alpha now??
A) Yep! It's available now. Go to playbreakaway.com and click the big "download now" button. You'll then need to sign in with your Twitch username and then you're good to go.

Q) How long is the Alpha?
A) The Alpha will start after our Throwdown Thursday episode this Thursday, December 15, and will remain open until Monday, December 19 at 10am Pacific time. This gives you all weekend to play Breakaway!

Q) I signed up for the Alpha with my code at TwitchCon, am I in?
A) If you signed up for the Alpha with your TwithCon code or another Alpha code you received, you should be receiving an email from us today or tomorrow at the latest. If you do not receive that email, you can go to playbreakaway.com and click the download button. Login with your Twitch login and you should be good to go!

Q) Are you going to tell us who the new character is in the Breakaway Alpha?
A) Yes! The new character is Victor Frankenstein. He is a nuker and really changes the game experience! You’ll be able to learn more about him later this week.

Q) And the new map???
A) The new map is Atlantis. It’s a bigger Arena than El Dorado complete with elevators, an added height element, and different types of buff crystals.

Q) I see people streaming the Breakaway Alpha, will everyone be able to stream?
A) YES! Check out our content policy!

Q) Will any of the Twitch features you talked about at TwitchCon be in the Breakaway Alpha?
A) The Twitch Alpha will feature both Metastream, which gives you the freedom to make custom stat reporting via OBS and/or Xsplit and Broadcaster Spotlight, which will allow people to know when your match is being streamed.

Q) If the community hits the $50K charity goal during the Coca-Cola Game-A-Thon, will we be able to play that sweet Black Knight skin in the upcoming Alpha?
A) YES! When the community hits the donation threshold, we will unlock the Black Knight skin for everyone who plays the Alpha this weekend.

Q) Do we get to keep this skin in future releases as well?
A) Yes! You will get this skin and it will be yours in Breakaway. We won’t take it from you, so make sure you donate to Extra Life and play the Breakaway Alpha!

Q) Where are the servers located for the Breakaway Alpha?
A) For the Alpha we have servers in North America. Because of this, if you live outside of the United States, you may experience less-than-optimal online gameplay.

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