We talked about Black Knight last week, and we hinted at how there might be a relationship between the tortured knight and Morgan Le Fay. But wait a minute? Black Knight seems like he’s from medieval times and she looks like should could be an 18th century witch. She wears this very Victorian dress, how could she have a relationship with Black Knight? The “historical” figure of Morgan Le Fay came from Arthurian legend, but when we were designing warriors for Breakaway, we didn’t want all of our warriors to come from the same era. So we thought, what if we transpose the character of Morgan Le Fay in Breakaway as a great descendant of the historical Morgan Le Fay. It led to some interesting discussions. And some mystery, too.

Mystery and Motif

When we were discussing the motifs of Morgan Le Fay, we wanted to really emphasize the purples and the blacks of her outfit. We wanted something that had juxtaposition: something really gritty and dark but regal at the same time. We mix in a bit of carmine red to add a splash of color to her design, too. All of the color and design aligns with what she does on the battlefield: weaken and debuff her opponents.

The other motifs are her raven and her staff. Her spells are all about the ravens. The ravens are either flying around her or she’s hurling ravens at her opponents. We wanted to lean into the idea that witches, generally speaking, are associated with ravens. And because the raven is all black, it jibed well with this dark character we wanted to paint with Morgan.

Ravens might be cliché, sure, but we did toy around with the idea of a cauldron for Morgan. But it just didn’t work. Maybe it’s because its shape is just too round, but it didn’t align with theme of Morgan Le Fay being a dangerous warrior. Having a cauldron would lean the character too to become a caricature of what we were trying to design. And the theme of ravens carries into the design of her corset and cloak. If you look closely, you can see her sleeves are actually made of feathers.

Ritual Dynamics

If Black Knight is this tortured soul that wants to stay hidden, then Morgan Le Fay is a domineering figure. I see her manipulating others very easily. I think making people do what she wants matches up with her ultimate ability, which is a AOE silence attack. We want warriors to have cohesive thematic elements, and Morgan’s design does a good job wrapping all of these dark themes together.

All of the spells and abilities were already designed when it came time for the Art team to start working with the character. We referenced spells and witchcraft, pentagrams and ancient grimoires when we were exploring what her art would look like in game.

We imagined Morgan Le Fay would lead rituals and incantations. When we were designing her Buildables, we focused on crafting Buildables that felt like totems or amulets that would be used in a ritual. This is how we started to explore the idea of the Tome of Frailty and Elder Stone. Think about the Blair Witch Project – in the movie, you would see different emblems or artifacts strew about the woods, and they signify that hey, this isn’t your land. You don’t belong here. That’s the feeling we are trying to evoke with her Buildables.

And her Buildables make you feel like you don’t belong. They are debuff Buildables, so if you’re near there, your warrior will be debuffed. The Tome of Frailty reduces damage output to nearby opponents. It makes your enemies weaker, and it all falls under this theme of wanting to control and manipulate the arena.

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