Welcome to the Breakaway Alpha weekend for September 7-11, 2017! This week, we've got a new dragon-demolishing warrior, Greyven:

Check out the dev blog on Greyven for the full rundown!

Plus a handful of balance tweaks and more!


Relic Pass Homing: Fixed Relic Pass homing allowing it to go past max pass range.

Hit-stop on additive reactions: Removed hit-stop from all attacks that cause additive reactions.

Perfect(er) Catch: Removed Perfect Catch expanded grab radius.

Dude, Where's My Relic: We fixed an issue where the relic was falling through the world.

No Bot Stomp: We are disabling AI Versus mode this week.

Netcode Buff: We’ve improved our overall network bandwidth usage to allow play on more limited connections (note to community: we actually did this last week but didn’t call it out).

Atalla Prime Performance: We’ve optimized our Atalla Prime map for better performance.

Warrior Balance Changes 


  • Ability 1 base damage reduced from 8 -> 5 and damage ratio reduced from 0.4 -> 0.25.
  • Ability 2 base damage increased from 0 -> 5 and damage ratio reduced from 0.4 -> 0.3.


  • Primary damage ratio increased from 0.25 -> 0.3.
  • Ult base damage increased from 2 -> 4.

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