Patch Notes: September 28, 2017

Welcome to the final Breakaway Open Alpha weekend, September 28-30. We’ve got some minor tweaks and an exciting new warrior, Killian.


Killian The Grand Inquisitor


Check out the dev blog for details on Killian’s impressive abilities. 

General Changes

  • Our latest warrior Killian brings some unique skills to the arena that we think will make some big changes to the game meta.
  • We’ve got a brand tutorial for new players with a beginner mode and advanced mode. Complete the beginner tutorial and you’ll unlock Kyra, complete the advanced mode to unlock Argus.
  • A recurring ‘Rocky Road’ error at the end of custom matches has been fixed
  • Last week we introduced our newest tank, Hannah. You can now unlock her by playing 2 or more matches.
  • Versus AI is once again available as a game mode
  • We’ve heard your concerns about filling Arena matches with bots and we are working to balance bot matches against long queue times. Our matchmaking system will now wait 5 minutes before adding bots to the match.
  • You’ll notice a new looming presence on the Atalla Prime map. Our second immortal, Ara’Thul, now presides over matches played in his domain.
  • The celebration screen after a score has been enhanced, now celebrating the scoring player and giving both teams the chance to cheer or jeer them.
  • Our scoring replay system will now show a replay for territory wins and team wipes, not just relic scores.
  • The relays in each arena have been adjusted so that the scoring visual matches the scoring cylinder. This means what looks like the ‘rim’ of the relay, which previously counted as a score, has been removed making the scoring area more obvious.
  • We’ve trimmed the instillation size of the game down making download faster. 

Balance Changes


  • The relic pass speed has been reduced by 17% to make it a bit easier for the defending team to defend against and intercept passes.
  • Elixir of Life: The health gain per tier has been reduced by 20% to (+40, +100, +160, and +200).  The heroic bonus has also been reduced from 20% max health bonus to 15%.  This is to counteract players using this item to make support characters far more survivable than they are intended to be.


  • Korryn has been doing unusually high damage for a support character, so her primary attack damage ratio has been reduced from .3 to .2
  • Her AB1 was causing slow down and a hit stun which can be very powerful so we’ve dropped the hit stun and it now just causes slow down.

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