Patch Notes: September 21, 2017

Welcome to the Breakaway Alpha Weekend for September 21-24! We’ve got some exciting changes for you this week including our latest warrior, Hannah the Protector.

Hannah the Protector


Check out the dev blog for Hannah's spotlight video!


General Changes

  • This week our latest warrior and newest tank, Hannah, enters the arena. Be sure to drop by the forums and let us know what you think of her.
  • We’ve made some performance optimizations to the Dread Shores Map Assets which should increase frames per second performance
  • Continuous Matchmaking: After a match you will no longer be dropped onto the menu screen. Now you will be automatically queued for another match.
  • Matches will now automatically start after 1 minute of matchmaking.  Any players in the queue will be split between the two team and bots will fill the remaining spots.
  • When you are hit with a status effect (ex: silence) there is now a text call out for which effect you’ve been hit with
  • We’re doing a better job of detecting if your laptop has an Nvidia GPU to keep the game from defaulting to integrated graphics
  • We’ve made several improvements to spectator mode within Custom Games for a better experience
    • Smoother transitions from camera to camera.
    • Improved and smoothed input response on the keyboard and mouse.
    • Adheres to the same fading rules as the player’s camera, removing obstructing geography elements from view.
    • Soft-bounds to help keep you focus on the action.
    • All reports are implemented and functioning;
      • Net Worth
      • Kills
      • Deaths
      • Damage Dealt
      • Healing Done
      • Forced Fumbles
      • Buildables Destroyed

Known Issues

  • Custom Game: A Rocky Road error will occur after completing a match, returning to the main menu instead of the Custom Game lobby.


Balance Changes


  • When intercepting the relic, you will now receive a 50 relic shield bonus. This is to help the defending team get clear the relic in those intense goal line skirmishes.
  • Previously when carrying the relic, if you were struck your speed was reduced until the relic was dropped. Now this speed reduction is removed after 1.5 seconds without being hit.
  • All melee damage against buildables has been increased to give a boost to melee characters who must take damage to attack certain buildables
  • We’ve increased the velocity of the relic when passing by 50%
  • Now the relic BOUNCES! We think this is a fun addition that makes the relic feel more real, let us know what you think of this change


  • We’ve reduced Gallions healing a bit to keep him balanced between his damage dealing and healing roles


  • We’re still trying to find a sweet spot for Argus’ damage so we’ve upped his primary attack base damage just a touch from 10 -> 12


  • We’ve toned down Thorgrim’s damage a bit because we’ve noticed that by end game, with item builds he is able to out damage some dps warriors
    • Primary attack damage ratio .4 -> .3
    • AB1 damage ratio .4 -> .3
    • Ult damage ratio .4 -> .3


  • Merrick has felt a little under powered and has been dying too easily so we’ve upped his damage and his health
    • Primary attack base damage 17->20
    • Health increased 525 -> 575


  • Kyra gets the nerf hammer this week as she is still too over powered, especially by end game. We’ve dropped her damage but also dropped her health and run speed to make her easier to focus down when you get to the enemy back line.
    • Primary Dmg Ratio .65 -> .5
    • AB1 Dmg Ratio .7 -> .5
    • AB2 base damage 10 -> 1
    • AB2 Dmg Ratio .6 -> .3
    • Ultimate Dmg Ratio .7 -> .65
    • Health 375 -> 355
    • Speed 10 -> 9.75


  • Chiyome has gotten a boost this week, upping her primary attack base damage from 8 ->12 to keep her in line with Jarra’s damage levels


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