Patch Notes - September 14, 2017

Welcome to the Breakaway Alpha Weekend for September 14-18, 2017! Servers will remain live until 10 AM Pacific Time on Monday.

You’ve been asking for it, we’ve been working on it and this week we are releasing a prototype version of Custom Games.  Please be patient with this feature as there are still some bugs with the experience and polish is needed, but we wanted to get it in front of you as early as possible.  Because of its early state it will not be available by default, instead you will have to open the console (Alt + ~) and type " enableModeOverride custom-test ". This will unlock Custom Games as an option under PLAY.  Starting a custom game will make you host and allow you to invite friends to your custom game.

Please note the following issues:

  • Custom games will crash if you invite more than 12 people (there is a maximum of 4 spectators and 8 players currently)
  • If you are spectating, press “ESCAPE” for instructions


  • We’ve updated the look and feel of the damage numbers to better call them out and help players understand the power of their attacks.
  • We’ve optimized Jarra, Thorgrim, and Kyra’s art assets towards better gameplay performance.
  • We’ve optimized the art assets in Atalla Prime for better gameplay performance.
  • We’ve re-enabled Versus AI Mode
  • We’ve made arena team colors more pronounced on the Dread Shore map
  • Framerate Stabilization: A new display option that forces framerate to a locked 30fps if a player’s machine is unable to maintain consistent 55fps+.
  • Note that this feature will automatically disable v-sync.
  • Breakaway servers are now live in Brazil after a hiccup getting them up and running last week. Viva!
  • Preferred buys are now visible on equipment screen

Balance Changes:

  • Relic:
    • Throwing the relic no longer has a ‘startup’ action and is now instant
    • We’ve reduced the Relic throw shield penalty from 20->30
  • Alona:
    • Healing reduced by 15% on her Ability 1 and Ultimate
  • Gallion:
    • Healing reduced by 15% on his Ability 2
  • Chiyome:
    • Enemies can no longer defensive out of her Ultimate, Saigo No TokiCustom games (!!!) and more in this weekend's Alpha!

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