Hotfix 0.1.2

Corrected Servers Offline error. Fixed a bug that caused some players to experience a “Servers Offline” error message. Please close and relaunch your Breakaway client to take the hotfix.

Hotfix 0.1.1

Removed Match Acknowledge step from matchmaking flow. Matches now begin automatically once eight players are found. AFK players who enter games will be removed and replaced with bots.

Starting on Thursday, December 15, you’ll be able to play the Breakaway Alpha. Thank you for joining us to play Breakaway in its infancy.

Breakaway is a 4v4 Team Battle Sport that delivers fast action, teamwork, and competition. You and your allies build a team from a lineup of warriors. Fight together to crush your opponents and control the arena. Seize the Relic and deliver it to your opponents’ base to score!

The Breakaway Alpha is playable for a limited time. Servers will be up from 6 p.m. Pacific Time on December 15, and servers will go offline at 10 a.m. on December 19.

Alphas help us learn. Share what you discover and give us your feedback. There are two great channels to do this. First, on our forums at Second, by completing the postgame survey that you’ll receive at your contact email after the test.

As with most alpha tests, the Breakaway Alpha is incomplete and you might encounter problems or rough edges. That said, you’re welcome to broadcast Breakaway on Twitch, and you can tweet, facebook, screenshot, video, commentate and analyze your Breakaway games however you want. Play to the crowd!

We hope you have fun, and we look forward to learning from you as the game grows.

Many of you played at TwitchCon, but with the Breakaway Alpha comes few changes. There’s a lot to cover, so let’s get into it!

New Arena: Atlantis

"The underwater city of Atlantis is a marvel of architecture and engineering. Legends describe it as the sunken ruin of a former civilization, but in reality Atlantis originated under the ocean. It was built to harness the power of water.  The Relic is the key that starts up a vast system of turbines and pipes that power the city."

Atlantis is the second arena in Breakaway, and it’s more advanced than El Dorado. It’s a dual-lane arena, compared to the single lane of action in El Dorado. In terms of length, it’s shorter than El Dorado but it’s wider. At either edge of the map, there are two new buffs: one that grants each warrior on your team 750 gold, and one that increases damage reduction by 20%. Additionally, the entrance to your base is a bit wider, making it harder to turtle your base. Finally, there are moving elements to the arena: there are elevators on either base approach.

Atlantis will be on a random rotation of arenas alongside El Dorado during the Alpha. Let us know your thoughts in the forums

Genius. Outcast. Criminal. Madman.

"Victor is a man obsessed. Enhanced by his own scientific breakthroughs and channeling the incredible power of electricity, he fights to unlock and control the mysteries of life and death."

Victor is a powerful, ranged nuker who sacrifices mobility for high burst damage at long range. His attacks are most effective when used against multiple enemies and he excels at punishing them for grouping up. The more closely enemies are grouped together, the greater Victor’s damage potential.

Here’s a rundown of his abilities:

Primary Attack: Ball Lightning

Victor emits a ball of vicious lightning from his gauntlet that is affected by gravity. The ball lightning explodes on impact or after a certain duration has passed. 

Ability 1: Static Burst

Launches an orb of electricity forward at a moderate speed. When the projectile hits something or reaches max range, it explodes, doing AoE damage and applying a stack of Static Charge to each enemy hit. If enemies with Static Charge are hit by any of Victor’s attacks, they trigger Static Discharge (a smaller AoE explosion that does damage but doesn’t apply Static Charge).

Ability 2: Wild Arc

A powerful chain lightning attack that, once it strikes a target, will immediately bounce to the next closest enemy or Buildable if it’s in range. Does not bounce to targets that have already been hit. Wild Arc can bounce up to three times. Automatically aims at enemy closest to player’s forward direction (like the Relic Pass). Bounces prioritize players over Buildables. Can bounce off of allies and friendly Buildables.

Ultimate: Maelstrom

Victor unleashes a powerful blast of electricity into the sky, which is then followed by a series of lightning strikes to the ground in front of him. Enemies are targeted first, followed by Buildables. If there are no more valid targets, the strikes hit random locations within the AoE.

Defensive Ability: Shock Field

Victor plunges his gauntlet into the ground and charges his immediate surroundings, creating a field of electromagnetic energy around him that shocks enemies and knocks them back. Field remains active for a limited duration and Victor can move and attack while inside. Blocks projectiles but not AoEs or melee attacks with long range.

Jacob’s Ladder

Dual lightning rods, with arcs of electricity between them that move vertically. Any opponent that jumps (or otherwise becomes airborne) while near the Jacob’s Ladder is instantly struck with a blast of electricity, dealing damage and knocking them down. Targets the closest enemy and has a cooldown between shots.


An electrical engine that emits an expanding wave of electricity, stunning any opponents that touch it. The wave can be jumped over. This can be used as great protection for Jacob’s Ladder.

Warrior Balance Changes

With the Breakaway Alpha, we’ve tuned the way some warriors play. Thanks to player feedback at TwitchCon we’ve made a number of balance improvements.

We’ll give you the quick hits here, but if you want a deep dive on why we made some of the changes we did, click here to read GreyTrip’s breakdown of this patch’s balance changes.


Alona has been through multiple iterations in order to balance her powerful healing abilities.  Overall we found that her healing made it so she was essential to any team that wanted to realistically win.  This was never our intention, her healing should aid the team but not necessarily carry the team.  To that end here are the changes to Alona.

  • Health reduced from 450 to 400
  • Ability 2 base damage reduced from 41 to 35
  • Ability 2 attack ratio reduced from .6 to .5
  • Primary attack base damage reduced from 20 to 15
  • Reduced cool down on ability 1 from six seconds to four seconds
  • Primary attack only damages enemies, does not heal allies
  • Now has reticule based attacks
  • Ability 1 now locks onto a single player and has longer range

Black Knight

Morgan Le Fay’s personal bodyguard… or is he? While the Black Knight has the most listed changes, overall they equate to reducing the damage he deals to be more in line with a tank, and reducing his armor a bit.

  • Reduced base armor from 20 to 15
  • Ultimate timer increased by from 20 to 25
  • Defense ability armor buff reduced from 25 to 15
  • Primary Base Dmg reduced from 25 to 20
  • Primary ratio reduced from .5 to .45
  • MoveSpeed reduced from 9 to 8.5
  • Siege Engine no longer launches opponents on contact, only knocks back
  • Damage done to players by Siege Engine reduced from 50 to 25
  • Cancelling out of primary into an ability happens six frames faster now
  • Increased backtick check for canceling out of primary attack
  • Decreased recovery and increased hitstun for ability 2, it’s now +3


Rawlins is the most mobile ranged attacker currently in the realm of warriors.  While considered a ranged fighter, his damage was off the charts making him more of a ranged assassin.  His changes reflect bringing him back into the ranged fighter category.

  • Health reduced from 450 to 400
  • Primary ratio reduced from .6 to .5
  • Ability 1 ratio reduced from .8 to .65

Anne Bonny

Not many know that Anne Bonny only wears an eye patch to make her look more menacing when playing poker. Overall Anne Bonny has survived pretty handily when it came to balancing changes.  

  • Ability 1 ratio reduced from 1.0 to .75
  • Ultimate ratio reduced from 1.1 to 1.0


Let’s get the Sparty party going!  Spartacus is a staple to most teams due to him being the only melee fighter archetype currently available. Being a melee fighter means that he is designed to deal damage, put opponents into reactions, and sustain to a moderate degree.  

  • Reduced translation on primary attacks
  • Reduced Ultimate dmg ratio from 1.0 to .7
  • Primary attack ratio reduced from .7 to .6


Our lovable head crushing Viking and thrower of anyone not nailed to the floor needed only one tweak to his repertoire in order to balance him out. 

  • Cancelling out of primary into an ability happens 8 frames faster now

Morgan Le Fay

Morgan’s style and mystique has quickly turned her into a fan favorite, although we kept getting a common comment about her: “What do her abilities do?” This comment was generally after someone had played her which is bad. To this end we have adjusted her abilities to have more sudden cause and effect over opponents. 

  • Now has reticule based attacks
  • Circle of Spite now slows enemy navigation by 35%
  • Ultimate: Aura of Silence is now an instant AOE and silences enemies for five seconds
  • Ultimate: Aura of Silence now deals damage

Prepare for Battle!

Matchmaking finds similarly skilled players for your team and opponents to play against. At the end of the match, all players will be rewarded with experience points and coins for playing. To start matchmaking hit “Play” from the main menu and then select “Casual” mode.

If you want to play with friends, you can invite them to your party by clicking on the blue friends icon at the top right of the screen. Then click “Add Player,” input their Twitch username and click on add. You’ll be able to send party invites and play together!

Introducing Progression

In the Breakaway Alpha, you’ll start to accumulate XP and coins that count towards your warrior progression! When we were thinking about what we wanted to do for progression, we realized there were two types of players: players who want to unlock perks, and players who want something aesthetic. So we thought, why not all of it? With the XP and coins you earn, you’ll be able to unlock three things: a perk for your warrior, a skin or a taunt.

You’ll gain XP for every game that you play. At the end of each game, you’ll also be award medals based on your performance. Bronze medals are worth five XP, Silver medals are worth 10 XP, and Gold medals are worth 15 XP. You’ll also get 100 XP for playing a game, but you’ll earn 100 coins if you win, and 75 coins if you lose.

This is our first try at progression, and we’re excited to see if it works well. We’re always tuning and improving, and this is a great opportunity to refine what we’ve created. Finally, you probably won't be able to keep your progression: we'll more than likely reset progression before the next gameplay window to refine and tune things. If you have feedback, please let us know in the forums!

Let’s take a quick look at the stuff you can unlock with warrior progression.



  • Level 2 – This is Sparta
    • Reset cooldown after knocking opponent off of the level with For Glory
  • Level 3 – Rundown
    • Using No Retreat on opposing team's Relic Runner resets it's cooldown
  • Level 4 – Into the Fray
    • 36 bonus armor when hitting an opponent with No Retreat for 10 seconds
  • Level 5 – Lion’s Rage
    • Gain 30 bonus Attack Strength when opponent causes you to drop the Relic for 10 seconds


  • Level 2 – Ragnarok the House
    • Thorgrim gains 15 bonus armor for each opponent hit with Ultimate for 10 seconds
  • Level 3 – Throwgrim
    • Refresh cooldown for Ram's Head when getting a Ring Out
  • Level 4 – 2nd Wind
    • 35 bonus health regen for five seconds after getting a kill or assist
  • Level 5 – Spinning and Winning
    • 1.5 second cooldown reduction for all abilities for each consecutive hit against opponents with Ribsplitter

Anne Bonny:

  • Level 2 – Dead Eye
    • Defeating an opponent with Sniper shot reduces cooldown by four seconds
  • Level 3 – Full Bore
    • Hullbuster gains 50% increased damage for each consecutive opponent hit
  • Level 4 – Snap Shot
    • 30 bonus Attack Strength for five seconds after performing a Defensive Ability
  • Level 5 – Repeat Offender
    • Consecutive hits against a single target with Primary attack deals bonus damage.  Missing resets the counter
    • 0, 10, 20, 30, 40 (maxes out at 40)


  • Level 2 – Touched by the Light
    • 40% self-healing for all healing done with Ability 1
  • Level 3 – Healing Tax
    • 20% of all healing done returns as gold
  • Level 4 – Pious Protection
    • 12 bonus armor for each teammate healed with Blessing of the Sun for 10 seconds
  • Level 5 – Speed of Light
    • Two Bonus Movement Speed for 10 seconds after hitting an opponent with Sunburst


  • Level 2 – Rolling Thunder
    • 25 Bonus Attack Strength for five seconds after performing a Defensive Roll
  • Level 3 – Gold Rush
    • Consecutive shots with Ultimate reward bonus gold
    • 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 (maximum of 25g/shot)
  • Level 4 – Dead to Rights
    • Hitting an opponent with Power Shot grants 15 Bonus Armor piercing for 10 seconds
  • Level 5 – Trick Shot
    • 40 Bonus Attack Strength vs Airborne opponent hit by Slide Shot

Morgan Le Fay:

  • Level 2 – Essence Drain
    • Regen 30 health per second per slowed warrior by abilities
  • Level 3 – Silent Retreat
    • One increased Movement speed for 10 seconds for each opponent silenced by Ultimate
  • Level 4 – Unkindness of Ravens
    • Hitting a Relic Runner with Ability 1 refreshes the Ability
  • Level 5 – Invigorated Spite
    • Primary Attacks vs opponent in Circle of Spite reduces cooldowns by 1.5 seconds for other abilities

Black Knight:

  • Level 2 – Death Dealer
    • Killing an opponent with Ability 1, reduces the cooldown of all abilities by five seconds
  • Level 3 – Executioner
    • Each opponent hit by Ultimate reduces cooldown by 1 second on Ability 1
  • Level 4 – Soul Absorb
    • 25 bonus Health Regen for each opponent hit with explosion of Defensive Ability for five seconds
  • Level 5 – No Escape
    • Instantly refresh cooldown on Ability 2 when it hits a Relic Runner


  • Level 2 – Successful Procedure
    • 30 bonus Health Regen for each opponent hit by Ability 2 for five seconds
  • Level 3 – Charged Up
    • 50 Bonus Attack Strength while inside Defensive Ability bubble
  • Level 4 – Amped
    • Four bonus Movement Speed while an opponent is affected by Static Charge
  • Level 5 – Chain Reaction
    • Reduce cooldown on Ultimate by eight seconds for each opponent defeated with Ultimate

Skin Colors and Taunts

Here's a quick look at a few of the skin colors and taunts you can unlock as you progress through the Alpha. There are more, of course - once you unlock some, send us screenshots or videos of a few of your favorites on Twitter

Connect and Communicate

Introducing Curse Team Voice!

The Curse overlay effortlessly integrates with your favorite games, giving you unparalleled control without ever leaving the action, or your team, behind. Accept calls in-game - no alt-tabbing necessary. See who's calling the shots with unique voice indicators. To get started, download the Curse app and ensure it's running while you are playing Breakaway...and that's it! Curse takes care of the rest for you. 

Introducing Broadcaster Spotlight!

Ever play a multiplayer game and wonder if someone on the other side of the screen is streaming the match you’re in? Broadcaster Spotlight is a feature within Breakaway that will let you know when the match you are playing is being broadcast by someone in the game. You’ll know who the broadcaster is (or broadcasters, perhaps) and how many people are currently watching their stream.

Level up with Metastream

With Metastream, players and viewers have access to a real-time stats database for Breakaway, allowing broadcasters to create their own custom stat graphics and add a whole new layer of personalization to their streams. There are a few things you need to know before you can get integrated, real-time stats sent to your Breakaway stream via Metastream. Click here to read more about Metastream.

Pardon Our Dust…

As you are well aware at this point, the Breakaway Alpha is indeed an alpha. That means that, unfortunately, we shipped with a few nagging issues we couldn’t iron out before we launched the Alpha. Here are the known issues we know about and what you can do to address them.

  • Anne Bonny's Full Bore Perk description does not match in-game functionality
    • The current description says “Increased damage for each consecutive opponent hit with a single Hullbuster. 50% increase per opponent.” The perk actually increases Attack Strength. As a result, the actually damage bonus will be less than what the description shows.
  • Alona - Reduced cooldown on Ability 1 from six seconds to four seconds
    • The cooldown is listed as six seconds in the UI, but is indeed four seconds
  • The amount of coins a player receives at the end of the match is incorrectly displayed
    • When you finish a match, you receive XP and coins and those amounts are displayed immediately after the match completes. The displayed values for coins are incorrect, please reference the warrior progression screen for an accurate count of coins

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