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Hylebos: Is it possible to tie a round if both teams are colluding and never pick up the relic, leaving it directly on the center line?

Zin Ramu: If no one touches the relic for four minutes, the game continues and the first team to touch the Relic wins the round. Theoretically that means a round could go on forever. Practically, it has never happened outside of our QA department.

Peekyu: Does each hero have a base armor stat? I remember this being discussed in the streams. Someone mentioned that Black Knight has the highest default armor stat. So I'm guessing this is the case.

How does Armor Pen work against Armor? Is it a 1:1 ratio? Like if you have 30 armor pen will you just deal plain, regular damage against targets with 30 armor or below?

How much damage does 1 point of armor mitigate? Is it percentage based?

Zin Ramu: Yes each warrior has a unique base armor stat. Black Knight has 20 armor, Throgrim has 10 armor, and the rest of the cast has five armor.

Yes armor pen negates armor at a 1:1 ratio. So 10 points of armor penetration perfectly negates 10 armor.

Armor is flat reduction to damage at 1:1 ratio. So if something does 40 damage reguraly and you have 10 armor, it will now do 30 damage. This makes armor strong against quick, low damage attacks.

Yoyon_: Why are we calling the characters warriors?

Zin Ramu: We chose warriors for two main reasons.  One we liked the “boots on the ground” feel of it.  Breakaway is a 3rd person game where you are much closer to the action than a MoBA and we wanted our name for the characters to match that feel.  Second, as the lore begins to roll out you will see that all the warriors are fighting for the Relic for their own reasons.  We wanted to capture this fighting spirit and thought warriors did that well.

But I can totally see what you are saying.  While warrior clearly describes Spartacus and Thorgrim, it may confuse some people for Rawlins or Morgan Le Fay.

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