Hi there! So you want to level up your Twitch broadcasts with Metastream? Great! With Metastream, players and viewers have access to a real-time stats database for Breakaway, allowing broadcasters to create their own custom stat graphics and add a whole new layer of personalization to their streams. There are a few things you need to know before you can get integrated, real-time stats sent to your Breakaway stream via Metastream. 

To kick things off, FilthieRich is going to give you a high-level look at how to use Metastream:

How are you going to stream?

Right now, Metastream supports OBS Studio or XSplit Broadcast, so please download whichever program you prefer. Note: With OBS Studio, make sure to download and install “OBS + Browser Source.”

Next, you’ll need to enable Metastream in your Breakaway client. Start up the game, click on the options gear in the top left corner of the screen, click on the “Social” tab, and then set the “Metastream” option to “On.”

What overlay do you want to use?

The next thing you’ll need to decide is what overlay you want to use. Currently, there are five overlays to choose from.

Note: This next section will contain URL information for each of the overlays. Once you figure out which overlay works for you, note this section and come back for the URLs when you are ready to setup your stream via OBS Studio or XSplit Broadcast.

Full Overlay

Designed with picture-in-picture style broadcasts in mind, the Full Overlay contains all available overlays displayed in an “L” shape.

URL: http://localhost:8082/full_overlay.html

Reports Overlay

This overlay shows players ranked in order based on a rotating statistic. By default, that statistic will rotate every 10 seconds. The following stats are available for this overlay: KDA, Gold Earned, Damage Dealt, Damage Taken, Relics Returned, Relic Run Distance, Relic Throw Distance, Relic Passes, Buildables Placed, Buildables Destroyed, Healing Done.



Stat Link:

KDA: http://localhost:8082/reports_overlay.html#kda

Gold Earned: http://localhost:8082/reports_overlay.html#goldearned

Damage Dealt: http://localhost:8082/reports_overlay.html#damagedealt

Damage Taken: http://localhost:8082/reports_overlay.html#damagetaken

Relics Returned: http://localhost:8082/reports_overlay.html#relicsreturned

Relic Run Distance: http://localhost:8082/reports_overlay.html#relicrundistance

Relic Throw Distance: http://localhost:8082/reports_overlay.html#relicthrowdistance

Relic Passes: http://localhost:8082/reports_overlay.html#relicpasses

Buildables Placed: http://localhost:8082/reports_overlay.html#buildablesplaced

Buildables Destroyed: http://localhost:8082/reports_overlay.html#buildablesdestroyed

Healing Done: http://localhost:8082/reports_overlay.html#healingdone

Team Details Overlay

This overlay shows details and stats for each of the players in a given team. Kitten broadcaster not included. 




Minimap Overlay

This overlay displays a minimap with player positions, Buildables, relic position, and the trail of the Relic for the current round.


Transparent Minimap: http://localhost:8082/minimap_overlay.html#transparent            

Opaque Minimap: http://localhost:8082/minimap_overlay.html#opaque

Opaque, Vertical Minimap: http://localhost:8082/minimap_overlay.html#opaque,vertical           

Note: Replace "opaque" with "transparent" for a transparent minimap and "vertical" with "horizontal" for a horizontal minimap.

Opaque, Vertical Minimap with 30 second trail: http://localhost:8082/minimap_overlay.html#opaque,vertical,30               

Note: Replace "30" with the number of seconds the relic trail should last.

Player Cards Overlay

This overlay shows cards for one or two players with their name, equipment, and three stats. By default the three stats will be the three best stats for the given player(s) and their rank for each of those stats.


Only one player:
Note: "player1" can be replaced with anything from "player1" to "player8".

Two players
Note: Same as above, and "player5" can also be anything from "player1" to "player8".

Two players and 3 specific stats http://localhost:8082/playercards_overlay.html#player1,player5,stat1,stat2,stat3
Note: "stat1-3" should be replaced with keys from the reports overlay ("kda", "goldearned", "damagedealt", etc).

One player and 3 specific stats

Ok, how do I make all of this work?

So you know which overlay you want to use on your broadcast. Or even if you don’t, you can tinker with the right overlays until it looks good. All you’ll need to do is take the URL of the overlay you want, and input that text into the browser URL field in your broadcast tool. The next steps change depending on if you’re using OBS Studio or Xsplit Broadcaster.

OBS Studio

Set up your scenes (game/window capture, webcam, etc.) and add a browser for each overlay you’d like to use in your scene.

Input a URL from an above overlay in the properties window of your browser scene.

Make sure to set an appropriate width and height and then leave the default CSS applied by OBS.

The overlay can then be moved and stretched to fit wherever is desired.

XSplit Broadcast

Set up your scenes (game/window capture, webcam, etc.) and add a browser for each overlay you’d like to use in your scene. (Add -> Other -> Webpage URL...)

Input a URL from an above overlay in the HTML Source field of the HTML tab of your browser scene.

Make sure to select "Custom" under Resolution and set an appropriate width and height.

Check "Use Custom CSS" and use the following to make the overlays' background transparent:

body { background-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0); margin: 0px auto; overflow: hidden; }

And that’s it!

This is just the beginning, and we’re excited to see what the community comes up with.

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