Last week on Throwdown Thursday, we saw Good Dave versus Evil Dave, as Creative Director David “Zin Ramu” Verfaillie and his team faced off against Senior Designer Dave “DaBillz” Hall and his cohorts. We also broke down how Evil prevailed over Good that day, as resting_salamander broke down some interesting stats from the broadcast.

To keep the competitive spirit going, today we’re having a battle of east and west, as community members Kalology (who hails from Honolulu, Hawaii) and Nov4cane (who flew to the studio from Atlanta, Georgia) will battle each other in a best-of-three match in tonight’s broadcast. You might recognize the names from the Twitch chat, our forums or the Breakaway Discord.

Kalology is an aspiring broadcaster, competitive gamer/analyst, full time college student and a part time production director. He thinks that Halo 3 has the best campaign ever. He’s been streaming for almost an entire year now, and finally, he’s known to make strange noises at times while gaming.

Here's some more info on Kalology straight from the streamer himself: 

I'm a Twitch Streamer and College Student. I love writing and creating other types of content for things I'm passionate about.

My favorite game genre: MoBA. I've always loved games -- been playing my whole life, competitive drive directed me to where I am now, always trying to break or make the meta and competing.

Breakaway really smoothly blends the sport and MoBA genres together. It really feels new, which means a lot considering how many different developers have tried to do the same.

Playing the game at Twitchcon was awesome, but there was no turning back for me after being able to talk with the dev team; so genuinely passionate about the game.

Nov4cane, however, is a bit more enigmatic. His favorite food is Breakaway warriors with health under 50. And that’s it. That’s all we know about him.

Both Kalology and Nov4cane were able to draft and choose the Breakaway developers they would play alongside on Throwdown Thursday. Here’s the current lineup:

Team 1: Nova4cane, EarlGrey, DaBillz, ButterBeany
Team 2: Kalology, Oldrusty, MKUltraMan, Bones

Be sure to stop by the stream to find out who wins tonight at 5 p.m. PT on Twitch.

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