Introducing Killian: The Grand Inquisitor

Howdy folks! Uglzorp here to introduce our sinister new character, Killian: The Grand Inquisitor!

The Grand Inquisitor


Killian is a ranged support character that specializes in hard crowd control. His abilities focus on hindering enemy movement and controlling where they can and cannot go in the arena.

Killian’s lanky frame is ill-suited to one-on-one fights so he works best when hanging out in the backline and supporting his teammates from a safe distance. His abilities can trap fleeing opponents or block enemy chasers, making him valuable in combat or Relic running.

When we were designing Killian, we wanted a support character that could effectively lock down opponents and make them easy pickings for hungry teammates. His “Bind” ability slows enemies and prevents them from being healed, making it a perfect counter to healers like Alona or Gallion.  “Torment” provides good area denial and can easily kill the momentum of enemy runners. His ultimate, “Binding Abyss,” traps enemies inside it and can be the deciding factor in Relic scores and territory wins.



Killian is best used with a coordinated team that can capitalize on his abilities. It’s essential to communicate when you’re going to use your abilities so that your teammates can follow up. A well-timed ultimate can secure a team wipe, Relic score or territory win, making Killian especially dangerous in the late game. As such, teammates should peel for him and keep him alive. Conversely, when playing against Killian, you might be tempted to ignore him because he doesn’t do a lot of damage and doesn’t directly sustain his teammates. That would be a poor decision. Harass him with ranged attacks or get in his face with melee. He lacks the mobility of other ranged characters so if you can get close enough, he’s going to be in trouble.

If you like ranged characters who can lock down their victims, Killian should be right up your alley. With the support of his teammates, he can easily shut down enemy pushes and shift the momentum in an instant.


Hi, Nocnoz here. I would like to add a couple of notes about Killian visuals and lore.

Killian seeks to claim an Immortal throne in an effort to fully understand all there is to know about life and death and space and time. He uses Wild Magic to bolster his own power and seeks a new age of inquistion by tearing knowledge and understanding from the Immortals until only one truth remains -- a truth Killian, himself, will write upon eternity as the first god-king of all reality.

Killian Art

To Killian, his followers are nothing but pawns, and he has set his sights on greater concerns -- the acquisition of impossible knowledge. He will face the Immortals and pull from them all of their hidden truths. And with their understanding of space and time and wonder and magic and life and death, Killian will become more than Immortal -- he will become a god.

He is now half-human, half-spectral – the first of his kind, a truly unique being – one that was both living and dead – both physical and ethereal. But not eternal. Not yet.


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