We're excited to introduce the latest member of our cast of warriors: Greyven, the Dragon Eater. Check out Arcane8's Warrior spotlight to get the skinny on how to dominate and dunk with this deadly dragon dude:


Hey there, Greytrip here introducing the latest aspirant to Breakaway’s echelon of ascended warriors. Introducing Breakaway’s quintessential mercenary warrior; Greyven the Dragon Eater!

Greyven is a fighter that specializes in bringing down large heavily armored creatures.  Greyven takes the fight to the biggest opponent on the field leaving his companions to deal with the more squirrely opponents.  His spear techniques can overcome creatures with large health reservoirs while temporarily reducing their armor.

Greyven’s role is to be the spearhead in an offensive push to take a hard to kill opponent off the board.  While Greyven doesn’t have moves that close distance quickly, his methodical approach gives tanks a moment to sweat the thought of facing the full on fury of the Dragon Eater. 

One of our goals for Greyven was to give him utility to thwart a tank rush strategy.  His sustainability can also be strongly bolstered through equipment buys to help him stay on the frontline as much as possible.  Greyvens natural weapon reach makes it harder for opponents to escape once he locks on to an opponent.  As Greyven would tell it, “Never trust pretty, that Gallion gives me the creeps.”

Greyven pairs up well with burst dps characters.  He can drop a characters armor and allow a window of opportunity for teammates to assist in burning down an opponent.  An ideal team situation is to have Korryn and Greyven drop armor and weaken an opponent a moment before an assassin strikes.  Greyven is also great when paired up with a tank to contest for relic control. 

The Dragon Eater is a great choice when it comes to launching a coordinated strike or for hunting down hard to kill targets.  As Greyven would tell it, “The only difference between Merrick and a big scaled drake is the smell.  You don’t want to be downwind of Merrick.”


Hi, Nocnoz here, Art Director on Breakaway.

Greyven was a very fun character to design. The main idea behind his visual design was to translate the idea of a tank killer -- and who better than a Dragon slayer to kill tanks?! Greyven knows how to pierce the thickest dragons’ scales and skins. His own armor is made of the wings, scales and tails of defeated Dragons. They say he killed the last of the dragons and devoured their hearts to steal their power. He doesn’t deny it.

Greyven – the Dragon Eater, the Great Scale Hunter, the Scourge Rider – does not speak of his origin or his hatred for dragons. He is a hard drinker and hard fighter who prefers to let his actions (and his mouth) do the talking. His deeds as a hunter and warrior are well known. He is admired and feared, hated and loved across many regions.

He views the Immortals’ challenge as open season and takes up with any warrior who can pay his price.

He views the ebb/flow of the battle for Immortal thrones as a fast lane to making enemies – and enemies don’t pay. He blurs the line between allegiances, providing his combat skills and power to any side depending on need and reward. 

Occasionally he will push to claim immortality for himself, only to illustrate his value, never (he claims) as his true goal.

Greyven’s rogue identity masks his truest self – his allegiances shift not because he is disloyal or uncaring, but because he is sizing up everyone’s strengths/weakness for his eventual end game – the slaughter of the Immortals!

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