Over the past few weeks, you had a chance to win a Black Knight statue! We received a bunch of entries, and we randomly selected 10 of them to win. If you are a winner, please check your Twitter Direct Messages. Here are links the randomly selected winners and their submitted Twitch Clips. Enjoy!

@Kronic_ow: GucciPants Showing all you need is one Thorgrim

@MackNJeeves: Still to this day, one of my favorite @PlayBreakaway clips - my boy @Kalological with the hot DEFENSE!

@miish3214: my entry for the statue: Sajam becomes a bird

@rlyniceguy: Cluth Playsssss :)

@Peekyyuayyyo THE BERSERKER himself

@Fullmetal372: Going with a slightly different type of highlight: An announcer highlight. Mr. Sil too OP.

@imazombii: My fav @PlayBreakaway play so far: ButterBeany getting bored of a fight and running in Relic for the win.

@Helmarchx2: the juke by butterbeany was 11/10

@HickoryTV: what's more #hype in #breakaway #esports than a pause KappaRoss =D

@Chrispy0530: Breakaway Office League: Team Feed Me vs. FeelsBauMan


Please click here for the official rules

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