Breakaway Stats Sheet - Updated!

What’s up everybody, it’s JustCallMeBau again. For the past few weeks the team has been hard at work with analyzing the incoming data from the weekend Alpha, TDT’s, Gamescom, as well as our own internal playtests, and we’ve been making a lot of balance changes accordingly to accommodate the shifting game state. In an effort to maintain our transparency, while also ensuring that we’re keeping you up to date with the most accurate data available, we’ve recently updated the Warrior Info Sheet to include all of the changes to date. The newest numbers, along with the new Relic Shield mechanics should lend itself to a whole new level of theory crafting for the Breakaway number crunchers and strategists. Let’s get dunkin'!

Download the stast sheet here (in Microsoft Excel format - feel free to modify and distribute as you see fit):

Stats Glossary

  • Attack Strength (Attack Str)- The Warrior’s base Attack Strength value
  • Base Damage- Attack value added from the individual Attack/Ability
  • Env Damage- Damage value vs Buildables, Buffs and other Environmental Objects
  • Health- Health Value for Warrior
  • Armor- Reduces incoming damage (flat rate)
  • Armor Penetration- Ignores the specified amount of the target’s armor
  • Damage Reduction- Reduces incoming damage (% based)
  • Speed- Warrior’s Movespeed (meters/second)
  • Encumbered Speed- Warrior’s Movespeed while holding the Relic or other object (meter/second)
  • Damage Scaling Ratio- Damage modifier per attack used in the Damage Formula
  • Unstoppable- Status Effect where the Warrior is unaffected by any form of CC
  • Invulnerable- Warrior is completely invulnerable from any sort of damage or CC
  • True Damage %- Damage formula modifier for potential special attacks

Damage Formula

  • Initial damage: Base Damage + Attack Str & Damage Scaling Ratio
  • True Damage: Initial Damage x True Damage %
  • Persistent Damage: Initial damage = Base Damage + ( Attack Str x Damage Scaling Ratio )

Actual Damage Dealt: True Damage + Max (10, (Persistent Damage x (1-Damage Reduction %)) – Armor)

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