To kick off the upcoming season of the Breakaway Office League, five community members will draft players from the studio TONIGHT! Not only did MissDJM, Shidosha, FlipdUp, FullMetal and Kalology give us a little insight into their travels to the studio, they’ve been stirring up some trash talk, and they’ll get to prove they have the tactics to craft a winning team.

Before the draft begins, however, the five General Managers will play in a handful of scouting combine matches to check out new and upcoming players from the studio. Tune in on Twitch at 5 p.m. Pacific Time to catch the action. Immediately following the combine matches, we’ll begin the draft.

Player Ratings

Speaking of new players, here is the list of eligible players to be drafted this season. Players were ranked on a rating of 0-100, using these point values as guidelines:

0 – Never played Breakaway before
20 – Played Breakaway, still learning the basics
40 – Beginner, understands meta, strategy
60 – Contributes to team success
80 – A pillar to team success
100 – godlike.

Here are the players:


Twitch Username

Player Rating

John Bautista



Bryan Lentenbrink



Tre Vital



Eric Vincent



David Verfaillie



Brandon Meesak



Alex Charsky



Darren Mckinsey



Louis Tovar



Fred Corchero



Eric Chiu



Carlos Bustamante



Manuel Tadena



Kelley Hecker



Daniel McGowan



Matt Priestley



Bryan Perfetto



Tony Barnes



Simon Loche



EJ Samuel



Craig Jack



Billy Lam



Brent Nash



Sergio Elizondo



Ashleigh Amrine



Mike Saucedo



Andrew Dearing



Christopher Capili



Paul Forest



Jimmy Rountree



Don Waters



Chee Lau



Kelvin Young



Kevin Fung



Adam Kasper



Deric Nunez



Dave Oelkers



Michael Lawrence



Chris Sauquillo



Joshua Minette



Chris Evans



Artem Nesiolovskiy



Shuichi Sekino



Chris Logan



Bill Dugan



Jon Pan




Season 3 Schedule

The third season of the Breakaway Office League will take us all the way through June. There will be group play for the first 10 weeks of the season, followed by the top two teams facing off on June 1 for the finals. We’ll announce the detailed scheduled once the draft is complete.

Please read on for the official Breakaway Office League rules, crafted by Grandmaster Gold Farmer Chark (nickname pending approval). 

Season 3 Office League Rules


General Manager (GM). A GM is an internal or external person tasked with constructing (drafting) their team for the duration of the league season. A GM is allowed to play on their own team, as long as other rules with team draft are satisfied.

Free Agent. A free agent is a rated member of Amazon Game Studios. Free agents either become team members during a draft, or remain free agents after the draft to be used for team substitutions.

Team Member. A team member is a free agent drafted onto the team. Once a free agent is drafted onto a team for the season, they become a member of that team.

Team Coach. A team coach is a person in the studio that is attached to the team. When the GMs of the teams are external persons, it is the team coach who becomes responsible for organizing the team’s scrimmages and if necessary sourcing the substitutions for the team. A coach is allowed to act as a team substitute as long as other rules with the team draft are satisfied.

League Officiating. For league administration purposes where the degree of bias is low, Alex Charsky will make official league decisions and rulings not outlined in this document. In cases where Alex Charsky can’t objectively make a ruling (for example, when his team is involved in a decision), Alex Charsky will defer to David Silverman to make a ruling.

GM Selection

The Marketing team determines the GMs for the specific season in conjunction with the game team. For the purposes of Season 3, GMs were randomly selected from the community.

Team Selection

Team Selection is handled via a draft with the following rules. GMs are randomly assigned the pick order in the draft. The draft begins in pick order. Once it reaches the last GM and that GM selects a player with their pick, the draft order reverses, with the last GM picking again, then the second to last GM picking again and so on until we reach the first GM. At that time the first GM will pick twice and the draft will continue in the original order. This process colloquially called snake pick order continues until each team acquires 4 team members for the team.

Once the player draft is finished, starting with the first GM (as randomly assigned by the initial pick order), they must each select a team coach. The team coach rating value is not deducted from the GMs total spend they have for the season.

If the season uses GMs who are free agents, then they are required to pick themselves onto the team prior to the start of the draft. Selecting themselves onto the team does not waste a pick during the draft.

To select a player on a team, the following conditions must be true: the player must be a free agent and must have signed up to play during this season. The player must have a numerical rating between 0 and 100. A GM selects a free agent for their team during the draft by communicating the draft pick to the league official. At that time the rating value of their pick is deducted from the total points they have to spend to construct the team.

For Season 3, the team point values are set at 250 points.

Teams must draft 4 human players onto their team and cannot use bots as part of their team.

Team Substitutions

Teams must field 4 players in order to play their scheduled matches. To facilitate this, GMs (and in cases where GMs are external, coaches) will be allowed to make roster substitutions prior to the match start. Roster substitutions are made through email to the league officials as early as possible to assist with building the broadcast assets for the substitute.

The team point value of the team may not exceed the total point value. If a substitution causes the team value to exceed the total point value for this seasons, then the substitution is not valid. For clarity: a substitute player does not have to be of less or equal skill rating. As long as the team’s total value does not exceed the team point value for the season, the substitution is valid.

A team’s coach can be used as a substitute on the team, as long as other rules of the team substitutions are observed. To avoid a conflict of interest, a coach may not act as a sub for any other team in the league.

In certain cases, to avoid canceling a broadcast, we will accept roster substitution in the middle of the match, however decisions to accept those substitutions are at the discretion of the league officials. In cases where a substitute may be required (for example, when a team member is known to be ill and may need to be substituted), GMs or Coaches must make a reasonable effort to have their substitute player available and on standby for the broadcast.

During the single elimination playoff portion of the league, teams who are in the playoffs may not use team members from other eliminated teams as substitution options.

Match Schedule

Matches are schedule to accommodate the Throwdown Thursday broadcast schedule. Match schedule is randomized at the beginning of the season and to remain unbiased will not be altered to accommodate any specific team’s schedule.

In general, a match is scheduled for Thursday between the hours of 4pm and 6pm. Teams should make an effort to arrive on time and are responsible to ensure that their control scheme and equipment at their assigned station works to their satisfaction. Tech issues or team issues should be raised to the league officials and the floor director of the show.

In extreme cases, where an entire team cannot participate during a broadcast, we may adjust the team schedule at the discretion of league officials and the broadcast director.

Game Play Rules

Initially, season 3 will be played using the 1200 build. In the middle of the season in alignment with the general marketing plans, we may release new warrior content, or upgrade to a new build. After that time players are allowed to pick new warriors into their team composition, or in general take advantage of any new features in the new build.

Season 3 is a best 3 out of 5 games match structure.

Games in Season 3 alternate between Atlantis and El Dorado, with Atlantis being the first map for each match.

Teams must lock in their warrior picks prior to the introduction of the first team’s first member. Red 1 position is the exception to the rule and to avoid starting the match must select, but not lock in their intended warrior. The floor director will confirm the selection with the red 1 player. This verbal confirmation is that player’s warrior lock. Once team members are being introduced and their chosen warrior for game 1 are being announced, no player may alter their warrior pick.

Players are limited to selecting a maximum of 2 of the same warrior on their team.

Players are allowed to select a skin and taunt in addition to selecting their warrior.

Players are not allowed to select a warrior perk for their warriors.

The game client is the ultimate authority on the outcome of the round or the game. In cases where the round score via a territory win is difficult to determine, or any other means of ending the round were unclear, we will defer to the game client to determine the winner.


In the event of a disconnect prior to game start, the game will be restarted.

In the event of a disconnect during the game, the league official will note the current score. The current round of the game will be concluded with a bot substitute for the disconnected player. This round result and the previous round results become part of the official game record. Then, players will exit out of the match (currently handled by the floor director restarting the game server). Once the server is recreated, players will load into the game and will recreate the official game record. First the red team will run the relic into the blue teams relay until they accrue the proper number of round wins. Then the blue team will run the relic into the red team’s relay until they accrue the proper number of round wins. During this setup, no player may purchase items, build buildables, suicide off the map, use abilities, collect gold or kill the other team members.

For the avoidance of doubt, no other statistic, included but not limited to: gold amounts, kills, assists, kill streaks, buildable placements, on fire time, team wide buffs, or any other statistic that may in the previous game affected the game play, will be carried over to the new recovered game.

Equipment Troubleshooting and Technical Errors

The game in its current iteration does not have a way for us to pause the game. If during gameplay, you experience a game play error, a bug or a technical error, alert the league official. In all cases, unless the round has not yet started, the round during which the error is discovered will conclude to the best of the ability of all players involved. After the round concludes, at the discretion of the league official, we may note the game score and attempt to restart the game to troubleshoot or fix the technical issues. In this case, the game restart will be treated similar to a game restart during a disconnect.

Decisions not covered by these rules

Decisions not covered by this document or interpretations of this document are at the discretion of the league officials as defined in the above document. In general, decision making will default towards maintaining a fun and casual gameplay environment (this is not a high stakes tournament) and benefiting the broadcast. We value feedback on our decision making and this document in general. As we learn more lessons from running this league, this document may change. Its regular cadence for updates is at the start of a new season, but we reserve the right to emergency update a particularly contentions issue on any cadence. Over time this ruleset will evolve to govern all Breakaway tournaments.

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