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@MackNJeeves: When choosing Warriors for the game, are there certain things you look for in their lore that make some easier to create?

Zin Ramu: 

When looking at lore, we love anything that adds depth or personality to a character. 

    • Do they have a strong motivation or goal?
    • Is there a strong conflict or challenge the character has to overcome? 
    • Do they have weakness that makes them more relatable? 
    • Is their story aspirational? 

Also whenever a character could have a relationship with another character in the cast that is a big plus. I love the connection between Black Knight and Morgan Le Fay. 

@MackNJeeves: What kind of cheese do you prefer on you Mac & Cheese?

Zin Ramu: 

I prefer Gouda, because MackNJeeves needs to get more “gouda” at our game. Okay that was terrible, I love Sharp Cheddar and Monterey Jack.

@Fullmetal372: Is there a specific meta or team comp that you're looking to develop through future warrior releases and balances?

Zin Ramu: 

I love the emergent comps. The combos that you didn’t see coming, like team evil – Morgan, Black Knight, and Victor. Such a great wombo combo. I also love rush comps. Relic running is such a fun and unique part of our game, and I want to make sure that stays healthy versus kill or sustain comps. I’d love to hear what comps you all want to see more of.

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