We’re back from the holiday break, and we’re starting the new year with the next season of the Breakaway Internal League. This time around, four General Managers were chosen to draft their teams, and those teams will compete in a round-robin tournament!  

Tonight, the GMs will battle it off to determine the order of the upcoming serpentine draft. Two GMs will team up against the other two GMs, and each GM will bring along a guest to play alongside them. Creative Director Zin Ramu and Producer Berserker Mike will team up against Designer JustCallMeBau and Designer Otterhed in tonight’s best-of-five matchup.

Rather than the traditional draft seeding format, we’re going to reward good play. The winning team will get draft picks one and two, and the losing team will get draft picks three and four. Because of the compressed nature of the season, we don’t want any team throwing matches to get better picks. Finally, we're going to let Twitch chat determine which GM gets either pick one or two for the winning team, and picks three and four/five for the losing team. You'll be able to vote at the end of the broadcast!

Be sure to catch all of the action tonight on Twitch at 5 p.m. Pacific Time! You’ll be able to watch the draft live on Twitch next Thursday. Let us know in the comments which GM you think will win this season of the Breakaway Internal League!

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