Below is a list of error messages you could see while playing Breakaway. And now for some reason I'm hungry...

Error Messages


Blueberry: Your machine does not meet the recommended requirements to play Breakaway.

Pistachio: Something about your hardware is not supported.

Mango: Content out of date. You’ll need to download the latest patch and restart.

Sherbert: Breakaway wasn’t installed properly. Please delete the game and try downloading again.



Fudge: You were idle for too long and have been disconnected from the server.

Boysenberry: We didn't receive a confirmation you were ready to play.

Raspberry Swirl: We were unable to find a match. (Matchmaking search timed out.)

Praline: An error has occurred with matchmaking. (Occurred on the backend.)

Marshmallow: Matchmaking cancelled. (Is there more info we can give the player?)

Salty Caramel: Too many players have left the match, searching for a new game. (This is during matchmaking.).

Custard: No network connection detected.

Rocky Road: We're having trouble with your connection. Check your network settings and try again.

Butter Pecan: Breakaway is unavailable while undergoing scheduled maintenance.

Toffee: Our servers are unavailable at this time. We’re looking into the issue.

Frozen Yogurt: The trial period for playing Breakaway has ended. Check our website for future opportunities to play with us again!

Bubblegum: Attempt to create a server failed. (Private games only)

Chocolate: Connection to the server was lost. (Private or public games.)

Green Tea: Having trouble connecting to a server.

Banana: Server has reached capacity.

Mocha: Version mismatch, trying to connect to an incompatible server.

Cookies and Cream: We're having trouble connecting to one of our game services. Please try again later.

Chocolate Chunk: Level load time out. Please try again. (Alt: Your system may not meet minimum requirements.)

Cake Batter: Experiencing network problems. If you're on wireless network, consider switching to a land line.

Grape: You have been kicked from the lobby.

Spumoni: Your ping is higher than the recommended threshold. You might not be able to find a match



Lemon: You're no longer in a party.

Sugar Cone: Invite failed.

Waffle Cone: Unable to find a player by that name.



Tutti Frutti: Something went wrong authenticating your account. Close the game and try signing back in.

Cookie Dough: You have been logged out of your account. Close the game and sign back in.

Peanut Butter: You have not accepted the terms of service and can’t proceed.

Neapolitan: It looks like you tried switching accounts while the game was running. Try quitting and restarting.

Peach: Authentication channel disabled.

Pumpkin: We're having problems contacting the Breakaway service! please check your firewall settings and try again.



Rum Raisin: We’re not able to determine why the game isn’t working. Please contact customer support.

Cherry: Your account has been temporarily suspended. You can try logging in again on [MM/DD/YY].

Mint Chocolate Chip: Account is unavailable. Contact support for more information. (Banned, etc.)

Sprinkles: Clock skew error. Try setting your clock to the correct local time and re-launching the game.

Peppermint: Unable to complete the requested action.

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