Below is a list of error messages you could see while playing Breakaway. And now for some reason I'm hungry...

Error Messages

Blueberry: Your machine does not meet the recommended minimum requirements to play Breakaway.  Sorry!  You can proceed, but are likely to get reduced performance and graphics fidelity than we’d like. Please play on a system with the minimum system requirements.

Sherbert: Breakaway was not installed properly.  Please use Windows’s Programs and Features control panel to uninstall the game, and then launch the Twitch Launcher again to do a fresh install.

Rocky Road: We’re having trouble with your connection. Check your network settings and try again.

Butter Pecan: Breakaway is unavailable while undergoing scheduled maintenance.

Tutti Frutti: Something went wrong authenticating your Twitch ID.  Please close the game and try signing back in.  If you keep getting this error, check the settings of Windows Firewall, or any other firewall you may be running, and be sure “Breakaway_x64” is allowed to communicate through the firewall.

Sprinkles: Clock skew error.  Please set your PC’s date and time to the correct local date and time, and launch Breakaway again.

Fudge: You were idle for too long and have been disconnected from the server. After two minutes of inactivity, you will be disconnected from the server. To avoid this issue, please remain active throughout the match.                                     

Custard: No network connection was detected. Please ensure you are connected to a broadband or WiFi connection and try again.

Boysenberry: We didn’t receive a confirmation you were ready to play. You may have queued for a match, but neglected to acknowledge that you were ready within the allotted time. Please try and again and acknowledge that you are ready once the match is formed.

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