Hey there folks, it’s JustCallMeBau and I’m here to give you the inside scoop on Breakaway’s equipment system, including our design philosophy, some basics, strategies, and potential builds.

Design Philosophy

While designing the equipment in Breakaway, we were tasked with coming up with a system that would allow us to amplify and enhance not only the existing characteristics of our warriors, but also crucial gameplay elements as well. In addition, the system would include an obvious progression path, be flexible enough incentivize players to explore different builds, and still allow for expansion with potential upcoming features.   


Mercenary's Contract

Getting Gold

Purchasing and upgrading equipment during a match requires gold. There are a variety of different ways to acquire gold in Breakaway:

  • Picking up gold (drops from destroyed Buildables or killed warriors)
  • Getting a kill
  • Getting an assist
  • Scoring with the Relic
  • Getting a score assist with the Relic
  • Losing a round
  • Equipment or ability based mechanics

Entering the Store

In order to purchase equipment, your warrior must be at your base and press the “B” button on the keyboard (“X” on controller) to enter the store screen. You can also enter the store during the death screen (after a brief delay). 

Making Purchases

While in the store, you will see a variety of equipment, each with their own cost, as well as current upgrade level. 

You can highlight a piece of equipment by clicking on it with your mouse cursor, or moving the highlight over with the Left Analog stick with your controller. Once you’ve highlighted a piece of equipment, you will see what stats it affects, as well as what the Heroic Upgrade of that equipment is (more on Heroics later). 

To make a purchase/upgrade, simply click the buy button, or double click the item (just a single “A” button press on controller). Once you’ve purchased a piece of equipment, it will show up in your “inventory” in the upper left portion of the store screen.

You can also sell equipment by selecting the piece from the store, and click on the “Sell Item” button (just a single “X” button press on the controller).

Something to keep in mind, if you’ve made a purchase or sold an item that you didn’t intend to sell, there is an undo button which allows you to undo your last, recent action, which can be really handy if you were unintentionally mashing a button. ;)

Upgrades and Heroics

Once a piece of equipment has been purchased, it can also be upgraded; increasing its stats, as well as bringing it closer to the Heroic Upgrade.  The order of upgrade is: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Heroic.  

Heroic level upgrades grant powerful bonuses to the warrior and can have a huge impact in game and reflect the style of equipment that they’re associated with.

The Equipment

Beowulf's Shield

Let's take a quick look at the equipment you can get while playing Breakaway, broken up by category.


  • Sword of Mars - Increased Attack Damage
    • Heroic Upgrade - +10% total damage
  • Spear of Achilles - Increase Armor Penetration
    • Heroic Upgrade - 35% of damage dealt ignores damage reduction
  • Gauntlet of Destruction - Increase Damage Vs Buildables
    • Heroic Upgrade - destroying Buildables reward double the amount of gold
  • Mercenary Contract - Bonus Gold for Kills or Assists
    • Heroic Upgrade - 5% of gold from kills/assists is returned as health


  • Elixer of Life - Increased Health
    • Heroic Upgrade - 20% max health
  • Beowulf’s Shield - Increase Armor
    • Heroic Upgrade - 20% damage reduction
  • Phoenix Ashes - Reduced Respawn Timer
    • Heroic Upgrade - Increase respawn timer for enemies you kill
  • Chalice of Life - Health Regen while out of combat
    • Heroic Upgrade - Increased health regen rate up and can regen up to max health


  • Herald’s Boots - Increased Movement Speed
    • Heroic Upgrade - Speed boost after moving for 3 seconds
  • Sands of Time - Cooldown Reduction
    • Heroic Upgrade - Hitting opponents with Primary Attack Reduces Cooldowns by 1 second for each hit
  • Philospher’s Stone - Passive Gold Generation
    • Heroic Upgrade - 5% of gold accumulated is awarded to your teammates
  • Hammer of Vulcan - Increased Buildable Durability
    • Heroic Upgrade - Being struck while placing a Buildable will not remove it from your inventory

Builds and Counter Builds

Sword of Mars

Purchasing a specific combination of equipment can help you to maximize your effectiveness during a match. These combinations of equipment are often referred to as “builds.” Explore a variety of builds with each warrior to figure out your favorite play style.

Here are some examples of standard builds for some of our archetypes and why:

Fighters - Focuses on damage with some survivability:

  • Sword of Mars - Increase your damage output
  • Sands of Time - Reduce Cooldowns for your Abilities, allowing you to use them more often
  • Beowulf's Shield - To add a bit more durability while going after the backline
  • Herald’s Boots - Increasing your mobility increases your chances of making it to the backline or chasing enemies down

Tanks - Focuses on survivability (allowing you to mind the Relic or tank for your teammates)

  • Beowulf's Shield - A very strong 1st buy for Black Knight, and good for durability in general, reducing incoming damage also allows your healer to be move effective with their healing early game
  • Elixir of Life - Adds more durability, and good to balance against opponents building Armor Penetration
  • Sands of Time - Reduce Cooldowns to give you more access to you Abilities, allowing you to disrupt with your Offensive Abilities, or stay alive with your Defensive Ability
  • Mercenary Contract - Allows you to keep up with the gold curve with your Assists

Shooters (damage and Buildable killer)

  • Sword of Mars - Increase your damage output
  • Spear of Achilles - Good to help you maximize damage vs Tanks
  • Sands of Time - Reduce Cooldowns for your Abilities, allowing you to use them more often
  • Gauntlet of Destruction - Shooters are great for taking down Buildables from a safe distance

Support (Alona – maximize your healing)

  • Sword of Mars - Increases healing rate and can add some damage during team fights
  • Sands of Time - Reduce Cooldowns for your Abilities, allowing you to use them more often
  • Mercenary Contract - Allows you to keep up with the gold curve with your Assists
  • Herald’s Boots - Increasing your mobility not only increases your chances of getting to your teammate who needs a heal, but also increases your chance of getting away from an opponent


Elixir of Life

As a match progresses, paying attention to your opponent’s build and strategy can help to inform your equipment purchases on how to counter them. In addition, adapting your own build to go with your team’s strategy can drastically increase your synergy and overall effectiveness.


If your opponents have managed to set up and maintain a sizeable amount of Buildables: It may be worth it to have additional teammates invest in Gauntlets of Destruction to clear them out.

If your opponents are all building armor: Have all of your damage dealers lean towards Armor Penetration as well as Damage in their builds.

If your opponents are rushing the Relic and going for quick scores: Have your Tanks and Fighters build Movement Speed to intercept.

Team builds and strategies

Slow Pushes/Going for Territory Wins: Build towards survivability, consider adding a Philosopher Stone to your build to accommodate the longer rounds.

Hard Rushes: Movement speed is crucial, and consider adding Phoenix Ashes to your build increase your chances of keeping up the pressure.

Experiment with the different equipment and figure out what builds work for you!  We’d also love to hear feedback on the equipment, and let us know if you have some of your own ideas that you think would be awesome to see in game!

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