You gave us feedback, and we listened!

FilthieRich and Berserker Mike ran through a few of the changes coming to Breakaway on Twitch. If you missed the broadcast, click the image below to watch the VOD!

When the Alpha ended in December, we compiled all of your feedback and started to look at some of the common themes. We identified four opportunities where we could tangibly change the gameplay for a better experience: Give players better movement options, more options for combat capabilities, refine the Buildable experience, and revisit the balance of gold in the game.

Movement Overhaul

We got feedback from the Alpha that it was kind of hard to control warriors, it was difficult to recognize ability ranges, and because of those two factors, it felt like attacks often whiffed if the input wasn't quite right. So we wanted to give players the ability to maneuver with ease - Players can now move and attack, have relative camera control, and because of the new omni-nav movement, players can now strafe left and right.

Ability Casting Update

Another piece of feedback we received was that it was difficult to gauge the range of warrior abilities. How far does Spartacus dash with his No Retreat ability? What’s the exact radius of Alona’s Sunburst? We wanted to give players the ability to master Breakaway’s warriors and abilities, so we changed the way you use abilities: you can now either double-tap, press-release, or smart-cast to use abilities. You have the option to select how you use abilities based on your preference, and now we’ve created a guide to show the ranges of all abilities.

Buildable Changes

We think Buildables are a lot of fun, but players didn’t use Buildables too often, and the arena became too chaotic when a team started to really stack Buildables on the field. Our goal was to create a focus on the Buildables of the warriors and have the Buildable match the warrior Archetype, while improving the overall flow of the game. So now warriors will have one Buildable instead of two, Buildables have more HP, gold from destroying a Buildable has been reduced and now goes directly to the team that destroyed the Buildable (200 to the last hitter, 100 to the rest of the team), and some warriors now use different Buildables for balance.

Economy and Gold Update

Unless your name is Chark, we found out that some players had difficultly acquiring gold throughout a match. We wanted to get rid of Buildable farming because it creates negative incentives to place Buildables. That means we still need to maintain the amount of overall gold a player gets. So, we made some changes: We added passive gold, we give gold to players who assist in scoring, and we increased the amount of gold from kills and assists.

We’re excited about these changes and believe it makes Breakaway way more fun to play. Thank you to everyone who submitted feedback over our Alpha period – there are more changes on the way, and this is just a glimpse into what’s next. Be sure to tune in every week for Throwdown Thursday, and follow us on Twitter to stay up-to-date with the latest news!

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