If you weren’t able to watch the Breakaway announcement at the Amazon Game Studios Unboxing event, don’t fret. We’ll be posting news, art and more here on the website. To help get you up to speed, here’s a quick look at how to play Breakaway.

In Breakaway, two teams of four Warriors battle to capture the Relic and run it to the opponent’s Relay. The first team to win three rounds in a match wins the match. The first way to win a round is to deliver the Relic into the opposing Relay. You and your teammates will need to fight off your opponents as they vie for control of the Relic. When you are running with the Relic, you can no longer attack; instead, you can throw the Relic, attempt to pass it to a teammate or perform an evasive dodge to roll away from oncoming attackers.

If you run out of health, you’ll respawn in 10 seconds. Every subsequent death that round penalizes you five additional seconds to your respawn. Your team can also win a round by eliminating all of your opponents before they can return to the battlefield. Alternatively, if no team scores in a round, which last four minutes, the team that moves the Relic across the middle of the map when the clock hits zero gets a territory win.

Each Warrior has their own unique abilities and roles. Warriors like Spartacus have abilities that enable them to knock opponents out of the arena. Morgan Le Fey can slow or weaken her opponents. Alona can heal her teammates with her abilities or with her buildables. There are three main roles in Breakaway, and each role has a sub-role associated with it. Melee Warriors can either be a Tank, Fighter or Assassin; Ranged characters come in Shooter and Nuker flavors; Support roles can Heal/Buff teammates or Debuff/Crowd Control opponents.

Each Warrior has a set of buildables they can deploy during battle. For example, Spartacus can create a Fire Catapult that launches a ball of fire towards the enemy. Thorgrim can construct a Wall that stops opponents from moving towards his Relay. The twist? Buildables stay on the battlefield until they are destroyed by the opposing team, and you can deploy one of each of your buildables each round.

In-game items will let you build your hero to fit your playing style. Increase your strength, agility, health and more with the gold you collect between rounds. Gold is dropped when a buildable is destroyed, an opponent is eliminated, you assist on a kill or score the Relic in the Relay.

In the coming weeks, we’ll dive into strategy, tactics and more. For the latest news and announcements, stay tuned to playbreakway.com, follow us on Twitter, and sign up for the Alpha!

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