Thorgrim’s Buildables, like we talked about previously, are the epitome of defensive-theme Buildables. The Wall and the Demolition Hammer are integral to standard base defenses, to prevent early rushes and so on. For Black Knight, we wanted to switch things up just a little bit. We wanted something that was a different visually and that dealt damage. And that’s where the Spike Trap came into play.

Bump, Set, Spike

We tried a couple different iterations, but we landed on something that we’re quite happy with. Proper placement of the Spike Trap can be advantageous, but it doesn’t have the defensive capability that the Wall has. However, the Spike Trap synergizes really well with Black Knight’s abilities. For example, if you’re in a teamfight near your base or wherever you dropped a Spike Trap, you can use Walk of Iron or Cruel Summons to pull enemies into the Spike Trap, while still dealing damage with your primary and your abilities.  

There are a few different synergies between Spike Trap and other Buildables. Dropping a Spike Trap next to a Ballista or Light of Judgement is really good. A Spike Trap in front of a Wall is very good because only ranged warriors can take down the Wall without taking damage themselves.

Engine of War

Now the Siege Engine is interesting to me. It totally aligns with Black Knight’s vibe. When we’re creating these warriors, we look at their background and their story for inspiration. So if Black Knight is from medieval times, sieging a fortress or castle is something that would happen during war. Actually, the first iteration of the Siege Engine was something like a mobile battering ram. But because of the shape and the physics, it didn’t quite work for what we were building. We eventually landed on the giant roller with spikes, which worked great for gameplay and fit thematically for Black Knight as a warrior.

We wanted Black Knight’s Buildables to be very distinct from Thorgrim’s Buildables. Thorgrim’s are very stationary. You drop them down and that’s it. Whereas Black Knight’s Siege Engine is more dynamic and tactically. It’s one of those Buildables that you save for the right opportunity. It has utility for destroying Buildables, but also for putting the hurt on your opponent.

There was the match between Salty Runback and Rusty Robots where Salty deployed a Siege Engine during one of our pushes towards the enemy Relay. That actually knocked back several of the defenders who were trying to focus on the Relic, so that gave us the opportunity to take the Relic, dash towards the Relay, throw and score. It’s a beautiful thing to watch the Siege Engine just plow through your opponent’s Buildables.  

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