It’s been a while since we had a Throwdown Thursday broadcast. Last time we were on the air, we saw Angry Coaches (aka Rusty Robots) take down Salty Runback in an exhibition match. Zin Ramu and his Salty Runback team took the defeat pretty hard and issued a rematch against Angry Coaches. So tomorrow, you’ll see the two developer teams battle it out again.

But we’re going to change things just a bit, or as Zin Ramu likes to put it: we’re spicing things up.

From now until the broadcast starts tomorrow, you’ll have the opportunity to vote on what type of restrictions will be put in place for each of the matches. Below are the different restrictions we’re putting into place for Throwdown Thursday tomorrow, and the top three restrictions will be put into play during the broadcast.

  • No healer (neither team can play with Alona)
  • No Spartacus (neither team can play with Spartacus)
  • Morgan match (each team has to play with at least one Morgan Le Fay)
  • One shooter only (only one Rawlins or Anne Bonny per team)
  • Default roster (anything goes)

Cast your vote right now in the forums, and we’ll see you at 5 p.m. PT on Twitch tomorrow.

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