Hello! I’m Kelley, one of the programmers on Breakaway. I do mostly user interface (UI) programming, which means I work with our UI artists and designers to create the various elements you see on screen. For example, the heads up display, or HUD for short, which shows your abilities, health, the round timer, the mini map, and other vital information at a glance.

When I’m not working, one of my favorite hobbies is cosplay. Not only is it a great creative outlet, but it’s fun to become a character that you really like or admire. I also love the reactions I get from people when I cosplay. To meet someone who is a huge fan of the character and see their reaction when that character is brought to life is great.

I always make a costume for our annual company Halloween costume contest, but when I heard that we would be announcing Breakaway at TwitchCon I decided to kill two birds with one stone and make something I could wear for both TwitchCon and Halloween. I decided to go with Morgan because I had never made a corset before and thought it would be a fun challenge.

Resource Gathering

I started by gathering references and all the materials I would need. As a developer I had access to the game models, but you can get screenshots from most angles using just the in-game camera. Concept art and promotional art are also great references. Once I had a lot of reference pictures I listed out all the different elements of the costume, and then for each element I listed the materials I would need to make it.

Morgan’s costume uses several different fabrics, and I wanted to make sure I got the look and feel of the fabrics just right. Because local fabric stores don’t have much selection I order all of my fabric online. That means ordering tons of swatches, or small samples of fabric, to find the right fabric for Morgan.

The most difficult fabric to find was the scale print leather that’s on the front of Morgan’s corset and her sleeves. I found a lot of great faux leathers with embossed snakeskin patterns, but they were all upholstery weight, meaning they were really heavy and stiff fabrics. Since Morgan’s sleeves are skin tight, I needed something with stretch. After a lot of searching online I was able to find some snakeskin faux leather with a bit of stretch from MJTrends. You could also achieve the scale effect by either drawing on scales or cutting scales out of fabric and attaching them.

For the shrug and skirt I used Simplicity pattern 1095. The only modification I had to make was adding sleeves to the shrug. For Morgan’s corset a coworker loaned me the Laughing Moon #100 pattern. I modified the seams in the front to a V shape and modified the bust line to match the front of Morgan’s corset.

Making Morgan

Morgan’s costume was a lot of cutting and sewing, cutting and sewing, cutting and sewing. Her skirt is actually made of five layers: a red underskirt, two red apron-like layers, a black leather layer, and a purple layer. The skirt is also very full so it required a lot of fabric. I wore a petticoat underneath to help give more fullness.

Since I had never made a corset before, and because the fit of a corset is so important, I made several mock-ups. This meant I made the corset out of cheap fabric, tried it on, adjusted the pattern, and repeated until I got something that fit. The final corset was made out of black faux leather and snakeskin faux leather, with coutil fabric as a strength layer. I bought a bronze busk, which is the fastener down the middle front of the corset, to match Morgan’s corset.

One of the most striking parts of Morgan’s outfit is the purple feathers. For the hem of her skirt I used rooster schlappen feathers. I bought them already strung, so it was easy to sew them onto the bottom of the skirt. The feathers on the shoulder and back of the hood are rooster tail feathers in various lengths. I arranged the feathers how I wanted them on a flat surface, and then sewed over the bottom to hold them all together. I then sewed them directly into the seams connecting the hood to the shrug and the arm to the shoulder.

TwitchCon Debut

With the costume all done, it was time to become Morgan Le Fay for TwitchCon. It took me about two hours to get the costume on! It’s always nerve-racking wondering if everything will come together. Will all these separate elements really end up looking like the character? But when the wig and makeup were on, I really started to feel like Morgan.

It was tons of fun getting to interact with everyone at the TwitchCon booth and see them play Breakaway for the first time. I hope I can do another Breakaway cosplay in the future, and I’m looking forward to seeing all of the awesome cosplay from the community!

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