Team Battle Sport

Breakaway is a Team Battle Sport that delivers fast action, competition, and teamwork. The rules are simple: work with your team to seize the Relic, then move it into your opponent’s base to score!

Lightning Fast Action

Compete in four-minute rounds of exhilarating action. The first team to three points wins. Score by moving the Relic into your opponents’ base or defeating every member of the opposing team. Players can coordinate with their teammates through integrated Curse voice chat and make strategic upgrades to their abilities and equipment between rounds.

Change the Course of Battle

Rain fire on opponents with Spartacus’ Catapult. Fortify your allies with the healing aura of Alona’s Sun Shrine. Shatter the earth with Thorgrim’s Demolition Hammer. Trap the enemy with Rawlins’ Jail. Each warrior summons unique Buildables that can alter the pace of combat, or reshape the arena.

New Twitch Integrated Features

Take your broadcasts to the next level by communicating with followers through Broadcaster Spotlight and streaming custom real-time stats with Metastream. Don’t just win the match; win the crowd.