What is Breakaway?

Breakaway is a team battle sport where two squads of four collide in intense competition. Seize the Relic and slam it into your opponent’s base to score! Make plays with your team by passing, juking, and dunking the Relic. Crush your enemies with magic and steel. Control the arena with game-changing buildables and outplay the other team. With so many different ways to play and win, Breakaway is never the same game twice.

Four Minutes of Pure Adrenaline.

Every second counts when you’re dealing with lethal combat, tightly designed arenas and rounds that last just four minutes. Breakaway plays like a highlight reel of your favorite action games.

Score with Style.

Showcase your skills by customizing not only the look of your warrior, but your weapons, taunts, and signature scoring moves such as dunks. Breakaway brings all the flash and spectacle you’d expect from sports.

Built for Broadcast and Spectacle.

Commentate matches in Spectator Mode; play with your Twitch followers in Broadcaster Match Builder; display custom stats with Metastream; and build awareness with Broadcast Spotlight. Don’t just win the match, win the crowd!